Shipping & Returns FAQ


We get a lot of questions about our shipping policies so we thought it was about time we compiled it all into a handy FAQ. Please email if you have a question that you don't see answered here and we'll add it to the FAQ!

1. Where are you located?

We're from Sydney, Australia.

2. What are your shipping costs?

1 to 6 polishes$5.95
7 or more polishes$11.90
Spend $50 or moreFREE SHIPPING

3. Do you offer International Shipping?

YES! Rates as follows:

1 polish (USPS First Class Mail)$4.50
2 polishes (USPS First Class Mail)$5.00
3 polishes (USPS First Class Mail)$5.50
4 polishes (USPS First Class Mail)$6.00
5 or more polishes (USPS Priority Mail)$9.95
Spend $50 or moreFREE SHIPPING
1 to 6 polishes$8.45
7 or more polishes$13.45
Spend $50 or moreFREE SHIPPING
1 to 6 polishes$10.95
7 or more polishes$15.95
Spend $100 or moreFREE SHIPPING
1 to 6 polishes$13.95
7 or more polishes$23.50
Spend $100 or moreFREE SHIPPING
1 to 6 polishes$10.95
7 or more polishes$15.95
Spend $100 or moreFREE SHIPPING
1 to 6 polishes$15.95
7 or more polishes$26.95
Spend $100 or moreFREE SHIPPING

4. If you're an Australian company, how are US Shipping Prices so low?

We have a US warehouse located in Michigan, where we send bulk shipments from Australia. All USA and Canadian orders are shipped from there which not only allows us to keep shipping costs low, but you'll also get your order quickly and with full tracking.

5. Do you offer tracking on other international orders?

In order to keep costs low, we do not have tracking available, however we do have the option of sending your order via DHL at your request. This is a fully tracked service which takes 3-5 days but is quite expensive.

6. How long will it take me to get my order?

Unless it is during a launch or a sale, most orders are processed, packed and filled within 24 hours. From there, local and USA customers can expect to have their order within two to five days. International orders usually take up to three weeks, but some countries like Russia and Italy have been knows to take up to two months to arrive. If you have ordered and you are worried your package is missing, please email us at We'll do our best to help you out.

7. My item is damaged. HALP!

We're happy to replace any damaged/faulty item, but we do request that it be returned to us so that we can inspect the batch. Don't worry, we'll pay for the postage back to us and post you out a new item free of charge.


We'll keep adding to this FAQ so if you have any questions, please check back or email us!