Posted on November 30, 2013 by Ben Harris

As our Serious Sunday sale draws near, we like to make sure you are all aware of a very important change we have put in place to our store.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday was something that crept up on us as being Australian, Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate. It just simply wasn't on our radar as we were looking more towards Christmas and beyond. We had so many inquiries though, and Rae's Rainbow was releasing in the middle of it, that we decided to just run with it and hope that perhaps it might help in getting some more numbers onto Rae's cheque to JDRF.

As such, we really didn't stock right up like we usually would for this sort of thing. We have plenty of most colours, but some are a bit more lacking than we would like. However, that is purely the case for us here at Pretty Serious HQ, as this is where we ship out to all our stockists. Our keeper of all the polishes in the US, Alicia, is rather well stocked though. Rather than have our US and Canadian friends miss out just because we're running a little short is a bit silly, so we've come up with a solution.

Each polish now has two seperate variants - Non US and Canadian customers by default, and US and Canadian selectable via drop down menu.

If your region is out of stock, the product will tell you once this has been selected. This way we can manage both warehouses separately and no one misses out just because one has run out.

I can already hear you asking why we haven't done this earlier. The answer is that we actually have, very quietly and selectively, with very unsuccessful results. We would like to leave this in place, so consider this sale a one day trial. But we must insist on this one simple rule -




It is no good selecting from the wrong region when your one is out of stock. It only costs us immensely on shipping, and the options are fairly clear. We are doing this to make sure some people don't unnecessarily miss out, so hopefully everyone can adjust to this smoothly.

We sent out a press release earlier today for Rae's Rainbow.

For those of you in the UK, we have arranged with Sally Magpies to have Rae's Rainbow on sale for us through Sally's store. Given that Rae is from the UK and all of her friends and family will no doubt want to grab the polish that we designed, we wanted to limit the cost of postage by getting them over there in bulk, and Sally very graciously helped us out. It will be another week or more until stock arrives over there though, so be advised that it is headed that way if you wanted to wait and take advantage. We'll send over as many as are ordered through till the end of December, so please don't be concerned about the wait.

For those of you in the UK who are impatient, we have added new DHL shipping options for you. They aren't very cost effective until you start buying in larger numbers, but the option is there.

Don't forget that we also have our remaining loose eye shadows on clearance for an insane $2.00 per 5g pot! They are only on clearance due to us plotting out our long term direction and wanting to take a different approach, and you really are getting an absolute steal with that eye shadow for that low of a price!

Happy shopping people! We hope it all goes well!

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