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Posted on March 07, 2014 by Ben Harris

The symbiotic relationship between cosmetic companies and bloggers is an important one. As important as it is, it is also easily fumbled and sometimes not pushed to its potential limits. We've personally experimented with a few approaches. We've sent samples to those bloggers that we respect and trust, and we've also thrown caution to the wind and gave a lot of smaller bloggers a go. Sometimes things work as planned, and other times they simply don't. Multiply this by the silly amount of bloggers who approach us and it's a massive basket of hit and miss.

What we've been trying to establish here at Pretty Serious is a sort of blogger hierarchy. A system that can allow us to confidently give the up and comers a go while also better supporting our tried and trusted. It's something we're still working on and will hopefully be ever evolving. Our planned end result is to get our products out there to places where you all love to see and read about them.

The start of this is the establishment of the top tier- our official bloggers. We didn't just want them to be a group of people we sent a heap of free stuff to, we wanted to take it to another level and make them our own personal focus group. A trusted window to our customers that we can bounce ideas and products off, and even get pre-production samples to, where possible, for early opinions.

Being one of our official bloggers has no conflict with their opinions and views, their interaction with any other brands, or basically any of their business as usual. Quite the contrary, we value their independent views and that is the resource we want to be tapped into, whilst also giving you guys guaranteed "go to's" for all the best info on our products. Purely as a matter of full disclosure, the bloggers will be sporting the above badge on their sites.

We're kicking things off with three bloggers who have been actively giving us their input since the start of the year.

Kristy from The Polish Haven- Kristy has been a trusted confidante and friend of ours since we first opened our doors. Her swatches have always been stunning, and her opinions honest and educated.

Hannah from Polly Polish- Hannah is our window into the UK market. Anyone who knows Hannah also knows that her brutal honesty is something to respect as much as her swatching skills.

Rosemarie from Every Little Polish- Rose's professionalism and knowledge when it comes to quality swatching is well proven. Once again, she's also sports an unbiased honesty we greatly respect.

This is just the start of our plans. We'd also like to include some US bloggers, possibly even some Instagrammers and YouTubers, but we'll expand as it naturally fits. The important thing is greater interactivity with you all, and we are always open to suggestions.


Onward and upward!

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