It's Time to Discontinue

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Ben Harris

When we started Pretty Serious over two years ago, we did so with an air of innocent idealism. We wanted to be the answer to a lot of the complaints in the nail community, with a big one being availability. Keep the Limited Editions to a minimum, and leave our regular shades available so newcomers don't miss out.

Unfortunately, as well intentioned as it might have been, it just no longer works for us from a business stand point. Maintaining stock of over 60 shades in two different warehouses is proving too costly, and we would much rather free up that shelved investment to bring you more new products on a more regular basis. To that end, we must let go of the dream and take up the typical business practices of the industry and start putting out babies to bed. It's time to discontinue.

On a personal note, we didn't come to this decision lightly. We've designed each of our polishes to fill a specific void in our entire range, and so many of them were created with a story of their own. It really does sadden us to let them go.

While we are letting most of our older collections go, we are saving some of our more defining "big sellers" and adding them to our Seriously Classic range where they can live on as long as demand continues.

On to the specifics...


Hello World!

Forbidden Fruit, Morning Java, Tux, VT100, CGA - Discontinued

BSOD - Seriously Classic


In The Night

Dream Delight, Nightmaren, Into Dreams, Nightopia, Elliot - Discontinued

Claris - Seriously Classic


Monster Mash

Gargoyle Ganache, Liquid Leprechaun, Creature Crush - Discontinued

Viscous Vampire, Poltergeist Puddle, Mummy Mush - Seriously Classic


Christmas Without Snow

Santa's Sunburn, Blue Gums on Boxing Day, Seasonal Sunset, Twinkling Lights, Party By The Pool, Hot Summer Nights - Discontinued


Hit The Road

Generally Hazzardous, Something Strange, Party Time! Excellent! - Discontinued

Turbo Boost, 88MPH, Hell on Wheels - Seriously Classic


Seriously Random

Grimm Demise, Daphne's Birthday Party, My Darlin' Clementine, Martian Sea - Discontinued

The Pink One, Purple Monkey Dishwasher - Seriously Classic


Beyond Space is staying as is.

We've discounted all discontinued stock to $5.95, and the amount of stock we have of each does vary depending on how long ago we restocked. Some are going to go very fast. Please give them loving homes. We'll miss them.



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