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Posted on May 27, 2014 by Karen Aitken

These have been a long time coming and we are so glad that the time is finally here to unveil our range of top coats, base coats, treatments and glass nail files! Lets roll through these one by one, shall we?

Crystal Coat Quick Dry Top Coat
Previously only available as a part of our Till Death Do Us Party box set, Crystal Coat will now be available all on its own. Just in time too judging by the amount of people telling us their bottles are starting to run dry! Our salon quality fast dry top coat is like a glassy sheen on your nails.

Aqua Coat Wet Glaze Top Coat
Moisture is the essence of wetness, and with our Aqua Coat, your nails will always have that shiny wet look. A great product for glitter coverage, use our Aqua Coat when you need something a little more heavy duty than our Crystal Coat.

Cute Cuticles Bubblegum Cuticle Oil
Deliciously sweet and fabulously hydrating, our Cute Cuticles range is just what you need to quench that nail thirst! Our first scrumptious scent is Bubblegum - of course we would pick the purple one! Stay tuned for more delicious flavours coming soon!

All Your Base Ridge Filling Base Coat
All Your Base Are Now Belong To You! Or it will be if you pick up our incredible new ridge filling base coat. Smooth and sheer, you couldn't ask for a better base for fabulous smooth manicures, every time!

Matte All The Things Matte Top Coat
MATTE ALL THE THINGS! ALL OF THEM. WE ARE NOT KIDDING. I guess this one is pretty self explanatory. Gorgeous, smooth and not at all shiny. NOT AT ALL!

Rock On! Nail Strengthener
I can personally vouch for this one being absolutely incredible. Our Rock On! Nail Strengthener is just what you need to revitalise weak, peeling, break prone nails. This amazing formula strengthens the nail without hardening to allow for flexibility and minimised breakage. No more brittle nails here!

Pretty Serious Czech Glass Nail Files
Only the best quality for Pretty Serious! These amazing glass files will never dull so you can use them FOREVER. Put one in your purse to tame your nails on the go. Each one comes in its own velvet pouch. Plus, they're purple too! Perfect!

Each of our top coats, base coat and treatments also come in our new blue boxes for easy identification amongst the rest of your collection.

All of these go on sale this Friday 30th May at 9am AEST.

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