Pretty Serious Treatment Range Explained!

Posted on August 11, 2014 by Karen Aitken

If you've been following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+ Follow us!), you probably already know all about our awesome new treatment range that we launched a couple of months ago. Things have been so crazy with the launch of the Pinup Perfection Collection and Collaboration Trio that we never got a chance to put together this blog post to talk about our new additions in greater detail, and to answer your questions.

First things first, I should probably introduce you to the new girls!

CRYSTAL COAT Fast Dry Top Coat 
Finally, our much praised fast dry top coat is available outside of the Til Death To Us Party Box! Finish your mani in a flash with our ultra quick, ultra glossy CRYSTAL COAT top coat! 

AQUA COAT Wet Glaze Top Coat
Moisture is the essence of wetness, and with our Aqua Coat, your nails will always have that shiny wet look. A great product for glitter coverage, use our Aqua Coat when you need something a little more heavy duty than our Crystal Coat.

ALL YOUR BASE Ridge Filling Base Coat
All Your Base Are Now Belong To You! Or it will be if you pick up our incredible new ridge filling base coat. Smooth and sheer, you couldn't ask for a better base for fabulous smooth manicures, every time!

MATTE ALL THE THINGS! ALL OF THEM. WE ARE NOT KIDDING. I guess this one is pretty self explanatory. Gorgeous, smooth and not at all shiny. NOT AT ALL!

ROCK ON! Nail Strengthening Treatment
Our Rock On! Nail Strengthener is just what you need to revitalise weak, peeling, break prone nails. This amazing formula strengthens the nail without hardening to allow for flexibility and minimised breakage. No more brittle nails here!

Deliciously sweet and fabulously hydrating, our Cute Cuticles range is just what you need to quench that nail thirst! Our first scrumptious scent is Bubblegum - of course we would pick the purple one! Stay tuned for more delicious scents coming soon!

Only the best quality for Pretty Serious! These amazing glass files will never dull so you can use them FOREVER. Put one in your purse to tame your nails on the go. Each one comes in its own velvet pouch. Plus, they're purple too! Perfect!


Our treatment range comes in a new blue version of our classic glossy boxes and each bottle is priced at $8.95 AUD, with the exception of Rock On! which is $9.95. Our Crystal Files are also $8.95 with free shipping anywhere in the world. Combo deals are also available.

Quite the launch combo! We've had excellent feedback over this new range and we're so glad to see you all loving these products that we have so rigorously tested over the last 12 months. People have consistently asked us: "When are you releasing top coats?" since pretty much the day we launched. The reason we took so long is because we wanted our nail care range to reflect the quality of the rest of our polish line. I wasn't about to risk our reputation by rushing out products that I wouldn't use myself. And to say I am happy with these is an understatement.

But then the problem arises - how do we show you how great they are? It's not like we can just swatch them like our usual colours. We had to put in a little bit extra to show these off.

First up, I'll talk about our strengthener, Rock On! During my pregnancy, I wasn't lucky enough to have the gorgeous, strong healthy nails that pregnant women usually get. In fact, I was kind of the opposite. My nails were weak, brittle and peeling. After Evie was born, not much improved. That is, until I started using our Rock On! Strengthener. I saw an improvement in only ONE DAY. My brittle nails now had a little flexibility, and no longer snapped when I bumped them, which led to being able to finally add some length. I no longer had any peeling either. Factor in that I have my hands in water a lot during the day washing bottles and clothes, I am pretty much convinced that Rock On! is the miracle cure for my nails.

A couple of shots from my personal Instagram showing naked nails after using Rock On!

I have also personally been using our Cute Cuticles Bubblegum to keep my cuticles hydrated. The constant hand washing (and winter weather) has really done a number on my hands and while I usually opt for moisturising creams, I find that the oil is just that step further. I need that extra moisture to make an impact and the bubblegum scent is yummy! Please be aware that our cuticle oil does contain almond oil, so those with nut allergies should probably avoid. We'll be looking at releasing a hypoallergenic cuticle oil in the near future.

"This smells absolutely divine! Oh, and it’s pretty good at moisturising cuticles too. A little bit goes a long way, and it absorbs quickly, so this is great value for money." - Rose, Every Little Polish

We've been asked if Rock On! can be used as a base coat, and I can say that I have been using it with no issues. However, I do combine with a coat of All Your Base if I am wearing a colour that may stain. As you can see from my pic above, my nails are still nice and white! Now, I don't have noticeable nail ridges, but those that have used it all claim that it fills ridges nicely.

"Although I’m lucky enough to have relatively strong nails, I still have to deal with ridges. I’m way too lazy to buff them out of my nails – I haven’t buffed them since I lost my buffer a year ago and never got around to buying a new one on eBay. All Your Base supports my lazy habit by filling in my ridges for me, and the tinted base helps to disguise discolouration and staining, creating a primer-like base for polish." - Rose, Every Little Polish


"The care range also has a ridge filling basecoat, which I used here and it felt nice and smooth. My normal go-to ridge filler is Essie’s ‘Fill the Gap’ but I’d happily switch to ‘All Your Base’ now." - Hannah, Polly Polish


You're probably already familiar with our Crystal Coat Quick Dry top coat. We first included it with our Til Death Do Us Party from Halloween 2013, but now it's available on its own. Crystal Coat was exactly what I was looking for in a quick dry top coat, having experienced dragging and tip pulling with fan favourite Seche Vite. Crystal Coat is a thinner formula than most quick dry top coats, but has a wonderful glossy shine. It holds up well against chipping and doesn't drag or shrink your polish as it dries.

Top Coat Comparison - Polly Polish

"The Crystal Coat Quick Dry Top Coat is seriously my new favorite top coat, pun intended! It has a wonderful consistency, self-levels perfectly, and dries amazingly fast-- I am truly impressed! I'm typically a Seche Vite girl, but sometimes it's just way too thick and can be difficult to apply and even out when it really starts to thicken up. I would absolutely recommend Crystal Coat for polishes with a holo or shimmer finish, and ones that don't need a heavy top coat to smooth them out. Crystal Coat would also work great as a nice, thin top coat to apply every other day to extend the life of your mani." - Rachel, Royal Milk Tea

"I used Pretty Serious Crystal Coat for the topcoat in these swatches, very smooth to apply and glossy, gonna get myself another bottle soon." - ErinZi's Nails

While Crystal Coat has a thinner formula, if you're after something a little thicker, a little glossier, then I suggest pairing it with a coat of Aqua Coat. Holy moly do I love this top coat. It's so incredibly shiny, you just can't help but watch as the light bounces off your nails.

Aqua Coat over Hell on Wheels

"Oh my god, HG alert! At first I was kind of meh when I tried this because it’s thicker and takes longer than the Crystal Coat to dry. But then it clicked… It’s perfect over glitter – it has all that glossy Seche Vite goodness, but without the shrinking. And the fact that it’s slower to dry means it’s a godsend for swatching. I put one or two coats of this over any polish, and I get the most amazing glossy swatches, without having to worry about it drying and turning bumpy or shrinking mid-photoshoot. When I’m actually doing a mani to wear, I use the Aqua Coat to smooth it out, then top it off with the Crystal Coat and a quick dry spray (or any oil will do) for touch-dry nails in 10 minutes." - Rose, Every Little Polish

"Aqua Coat really does dry with a super glossy wet-look that I love. For me it’s on a par with the gloss I get from HK Girl and China Glaze Patent Leather." - Hannah, Polly Polish

When we looked into getting a matte topcoat for our line, I wanted to make sure that it was a proper matte, not satin, not waxy, but true matte and Matte All The Things didn't disappoint me. If you're looking for something to give your polishes that true matte finish, then you can't go past this one. These swatches from The Polishaholic and 4Boys1MomLacquer demonstrate better than I can describe.

Matte All The Things over Swatch and Learn

Matte All The Things over Stuck In The Middle & Undercover Mermaid.

"It’s comparable to OPI’s matte top coat, which by all accounts, is one of the flattest matte top coats out there." - Rose, Every Little Polish

"The formula is good and I really like the finish it dries down to...also the name is awesome!" - Jen, The Polishaholic

Finally is our Czech Glass Nail File, and once again I was interested in quality more than anything else. The obvious choice was Mont Bleu. They customised the files for us with our logo and a purple gradient. We also opted for a black velvet pouch for storage. I struggled with glass files for a long time (cheap files have a nails on chalkboard effect with me) but I haven't had any problems with these. They file nails evenly and precisely and I don't get that awful scraping feeling that I did with cheaper glass files from China.

"These are genuine Czech Mont Bleu glass nail files, so you know they’re going to be good quality. I've only ever used glass files bought from Chinese eBay sellers before, and these are just on another level. The grit is fine but takes off length quickly, and the finish is much smoother than with a traditional emery board. The purple gradient is pretty as well. It comes in a black velvet pouch." - Rose, Every Little Polish

With the success of our Nail Care range, it's probably no surprise that we are already looking at expanding, and we have the following products in the works - Two new Cute Cuticles scents: Cupcake and Tropicana, and we are also excited to be adding another Top Coat to our lineup. Artiste! is the top coat for Nail Art enthusiasts, which is specially formulated to not drag or smudge your nail art designs or stamping. And as an added bonus, it also won't dull holographic polishes! We'll have more info on these releases soon. 


In the meantime, if you have any questions about our nail care range that you'd like me to answer, leave a comment!




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