September Pre Sale Information

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Karen Aitken

Okay everyone! Here is the obligatory long winded post with all the details for the release of the Brand New Undies collection.

Pre-orders open next Monday on the 22nd September at 9AM. We'll also have our current out of stock items up for pre-order as well, including sold out items from our Nail Care range such as Rock On! Aqua Coat and Crystal Coat. Classics like The Pink One and Galaxy Invader will also be up for pre order.

"So why the pre-order, Pretty Serious? That's not usually your bag."

No, it's not, however in this instance we figure it might be a good way to ensure no one misses out. We've been informed by our manufacturers that there is a delay on our order/restock and by offering a pre-order we should have the time to increase our order if need be. We've been getting a lot of emails asking when we are restocking our nail care items, and interest in the new undies has been pretty phenomenal. And let's face it, The Pink One spends more time out of stock than it does in stock.

We'll also be debuting our two new cuticle oils in delicious Cupcake and Tropicana, as well as our Artiste! Nail Art Protecting Top Coat. Artiste has been a big hit with our test crowd - no smudges to stamping and also does not dull linear holo.

Finally, unfortunately due to rising costs from our manufacturer, once the pre-order period has lapsed, the following polishes will be increasing to $10.95 per bottle.


It's just a small increase that we regrettably have to pass on, but we wanted to give you one last chance to snag them at $9.95.

Pre-orders start at 9am on Monday the 22nd September, and close on Sunday the 28th at 9pm. Provided there are no more manufacture delays, sale date for these products is the most awesome date in the whole year. October 13. Pre-orders will ship as soon as stock arrives at the warehouse, you will not have to wait for sale date. (Pre-order perk!) Please note that any in stock items added to your pre-order will ship together with your pre-ordered items as one shipment. Swatches will be up here and on our blog before pre orders open, so you can get a better look.

Please feel free to ask any questions! 



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