Here's Your Invitation To Our Rooftop Soiree!

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Karen Aitken


We've been super secretive about our holiday offering for 2014 and now we can let the cat out of the bag (and also elaborate as to why we keep saying "holiday" instead of Christmas!) No, we aren't being overly PC - our gorgeous Rooftop Soiree collection encompasses everything wonderful about the festive season, not just December 25. So let's get ready for a swanky party!



Our first new shade is the glittering Red Carpet Treatment, a festive red jelly with multi sized red hex glitter, plus silver & purple/blue iridescent mini hex. Red Carpet Treatment is Viscous Vampire's bright, energetic, party girl younger sister.



Second is our stunning silver and gold flake combo - Glitz & Glamour. Originally just a blingy silver flake, we thought it needed a little something extra, so we added delicate little champagne gold flakes and the result is breathtaking. Stay tuned for swatches of this one - they are special!



Cocktail Bar is a beautiful teal green jelly with a bubbly mix of green and blue glitters throughout. I love how jam packed this is with so many different complimentary glitter shapes and colours. Call me crazy, but if there's a blue drink on the menu I'm probably going to order it and I would definitely order this beauty at the cocktail bar!



Daphne After Dark is a variation on our incredibly popular Daphne's Birthday Party shade with multicoloured holographic glitters in an inky charcoal base. While it still manages to capture the fun, party essence of the original, Daphne After Dark is much more understated, but still incredibly eye catching!



Moments Til Midnight is a dark blue jelly packed full of golden glitter shapes, like a night sky exploding with stars. This isn't your typical night sky shade. Moments Til Midnight takes the night sky polish concept and turns it up to 11!



Our final shade from this collection is probably the one I am most excited about. While it's a little hard to tell from this promotional photo, Invitation Only is an incredibly complex shade. This gorgeous metallic grey has colour shifting pink and green particles as well as micro holo. Yes, that's right. We finally made a holo!



The Rooftop Soiree collection will be available for preorder from Pretty Serious on Saturday morning at 9am AEST. And while this gorgeous new collection is a big announcement, it's not the end of our big news. We'll also have a special limited edition set available (more on that later) and we're also running our Golden Ticket promotion again! That's right, TEN more chances to win a super limited Golden Ticket polish! We'll have swatches and other goodies to show you leading up to Saturday so make sure you're subscribed to all our social media channels!




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