Post Apocalyptic Princess

Posted on September 08, 2015 by Ben Harris

Last week, we did a quick tease of the theme of our upcoming collection by showing you all Daphne's new outfit and plastering our new banner all over Facebook. We didn't say anything other than that though and that was rather mean of us, wasn't it?

Truth be told, we just really wanted this one to settle in for a while. We've been getting through some steady monthly releases recently, but this collection is rather special to us as it's been brewing in our collective psyches since 2012. In fact, when I went back to my original notes for naming ideas I found it right after Monster Mash and before Beyond Space 2. Both of which sat on the back burner themselves for quite a while.

Why have we sat on it for so long? Because we really wanted to do it how we envisaged it without compromise and that meant waiting for the appropriate slots on our schedule. You may have noticed that we have done lots of smaller polish collections/additions lately as we've enjoyed some longer running themes. This collection completely bucks that trend by being our biggest collection yet. We couldn't keep it to the regular max of six, so we went a full dozen and broke it into two. The bomb drops on September 19th, but the fallout arrives before the year is out!

So let us formally introduce you to Post Apocalyptic Princess! Our tribute to every zany movie or game set in a wasteland. The world is a wacky and colourful place when it ends and we want you to look your best! We're sure to introduce you to some obscure worlds with these polishes, but if you've ever played the Borderlands games, or Fallout even, then you will completely understand the colours and stupidity that we are about to unleash on you!

We will introduce them to you properly over the next week, but we did also want to mention that these will be arriving with full restocks of all the Pet Names cremes, as well as Absence and Presence, all with our Early Bird prices for the first 24 hours.

September 19th! Eat lead, froggies!

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