Post Apocalyptic Princess - Frogtown + More!

Posted on September 11, 2015 by Ben Harris

We have a couple of things to show off for you today. Let's start with another new polish!

This is Frogtown! Totally inspired by the classic movie starring the late, great, Rowdy Roddy Piper - Hell Comes to Frogtown. Roddy plays the last fertile man on Earth, Sam Hell, after nuclear war and is kept under the control of the women folk now in control of the US by the contraption save guarding his invaluable manhood. He is sent into a town of intelligent and humanoid mutant frogs to rescue a harem of fertile women. Yes, that's real and it is awesome!

Swatches by Christine from Serenity Nails!

As an added reveal, you may have also noticed that Daphne has gotten herself all dressed up to get into the Post Apocalyptic mood herself. In fact, our first ever reveal was this pic of Daph that we posted in our Pretty Serious Party People group on Facebook.

Clever Pretty Serious fans know that Daphne only gets dressed up for one reason though - so she can look all special on the side of a new box design.

The bomb drops September 19th!

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