Post Apocalyptic Princess - Gluteus Equine

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Ben Harris

Today we have our last polish for part one of the Post Apocalyptic Princess collection! Remember, this is a two parter and we'll have another six polished coming soon so don't get cranky with us just yet if you feel your favourite lack of civilization has gone missing!

The last gem of our collection is Gluteus Equine!
A.K.A. Bum Horse!

Gluteus Equine is our love letter to Handsome Jack's pony that is made entirely of diamonds - Butt Stallion!
This polish is a topper that has rainbow opal flakes, iridescent blue glass fleck, micro holo, and holographic diamonds. It's all about the diamonds!

Christine has swatched this one over our one coat black creme - Absence, as well as over a few of our other Post Apocalyptic princess polishes. We'll show you just a sample here and you can catch all the rest over at Serenity Nails once she puts up her full review.

Post Apocalyptic Princess is available this Saturday September 19th!

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