The Coming of Monster Mash!

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Ben Harris

 This week, we announced our upcoming Halloween collection - Monster Mash!

Yep, we announced it, but we didn't show it! Crazy huh? What are we thinking!?!?

What we were actually thinking is that it would be rather fun to give away a full set to someone early for some bragging rights. Admittedly, not showing everyone what they look like first is just us being a little mean, but we would rather unleash the goodies we have in store for you all in one glorious moment, along with the lucky early recipient.

You can enter the competition through our Facebook page - Monster Mash Advanced Giveaway

Make sure you Like our page in order to enter. You can enter once every 24 hours, with even more entries given for referrals on Facebook and Twitter. The competition closes on September 30th at Midnight AEST before the party starts on October 1st. We'll notify the winner via email announce it here on this blog.

Sorry to those people who don't wish to use Facebook. We we're looking into options for running the competition across Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but Facebook's competition guidelines force us to use 3rd party competition apps that don't seem to allow such things. We'll make it up to you in the very near future.

What we will tell you about Monster Mash at this point, is that it's a range of six polishes. Despite the fact that this collection was actually first concocted not long after Hello World!, some late developing ideas made us decide to concentrate solely on a nail polish range and not our usual eye shadow and lip gloss combo's. We're sure you'll soon appreciate why once you've seen what we've come up with! We're dying to show them to you all!

We also have yet another polish coming at you this month, outside of Monster Mash. We will have more details for you shortly, but unlike the rest of our range, this one will be a numbered limited edition with profits going to charity. Stay tuned!

Oh, and don't forget to jump on board our 50% off Hello World sale, for this week only! We are very unlikely to go this low again, we just really need room for all this new stuff. :P

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