Monster Mash Unleashed!

Posted on October 01, 2012 by Ben Harris

 You have no idea how stupidly happy we are to finally show the world our Halloween collection - Monster Mash!

We've been hard at work on these bad boys a very long time, and if you think they look spectacular in the bottle, just wait till we show you what they can really do! Over the next week, we'll highlight one at a time and give you all a much closer look.

We aren't just stopping at a set of new polishes though! No way! Halloween is right up our alley, and the aesthetic changes don't just apply to our site. This is what our shiny new polishes will be coming in!

Yep! Sexy new green holographic boxes with our new Halloween design! On top of that, we have also taken on board some of your feedback, as well as corrected a few other little things that wanted improved for our regular boxes.

As you will be able to see, we now have silver foil printing, there is now space on top of the box for us to add a label for convenient helmer filing, we've raised the cut out window slightly, and we've added the volume amount to the front of the box. Thank you for all the constructive comments that we've received from you all so far, as it only helps us to improve our game in ways like this.

And last of all, for right this minute anyway, we have one more thing to do. Announce the winner of our Monster Mash Advanced Giveaway!

Firstly, thank you to all who entered! Some of you plugged away at the entries so religiously that we feel like giving out special effort awards or something! For a competition with an unknown prize, that's rather amazing! We might have to make this a regular occurrence. ;)

Now lets get on with it!

And the winner is!

Lindsay Rittinger!!!


An email has already been sent to the email you provided, Lindsay. Get back to us with your details and we'll have a full set of these bad boys on their way to you as soon as they arrive from the manufacturer (this week).

More news and info coming soon!


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