Monster Mash: Poltergeist Puddle

Posted on October 03, 2012 by Ben Harris


Time to get everyone acquainted with the ethereal entry to the Monster Mash collection - Poltergeist Puddle!

I remember saying to Kaz, "Surely if we smash a poltergeist into a bottle, it will be a glowing, other worldly purple of ectoplasmic awesomeness? You should give that a go!" When she emerged from the Pretty Serious lab with this purple bottle that had an almost out-of-body glimmer with a spectral shimmer, it was obvious that those troublesome little ghosts belonged in this set.

Lets take a close up look!

 "Poltergeist Puddle is an intense blurple shimmer with a pink flash and a slight golden duochrome." - Kaz

The bottle shots demonstrate just how otherworldly this shade is.


This polish was so hard to capture under a day lamp with our current camera equipment that we had to take all swatches in direct sunlight. Its shimmer completely messes with auto-focus!






Poltergeist Puddle will be released with the rest of the Monster Mash collection on October 10th.

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