Monster Mash: Mummy Mush

Posted on October 04, 2012 by Ben Harris


Is the Monster Mash collection blowing your mind yet? If not, you're very hard to impress and we'll just have to work on you a little more. How about we light the fuse to that imminent brain explosion with the mystical Mummy Mush then?

You would think that our experiments in squishing a dude who's been dead for a few thousand years would be rather ugly. That's why you need to run with these crazy ideas sometimes, because occasionally, you end up with the magical Egyptian gold that we did!

This one is as versatile as it is difficult to capture.

"Mummy Mush is a gorgeous golden glass fleck mulltichrome, shifting through baby blue to pink." - Kaz

We have some extra photos for this one, just to try and capture it in all its golden glory.


These swatches were taken using a day lamp.

And these swatches were taken in direct sunlight.

And just to show off some of that versatility that I mentioned, Kaz had a little play with layering it over Elliot, Nightmaren, Into Dreams and Tux.

Mummy Mush and the rest of the Monster Mash collection will be available right here at on October 10th!

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