Monster Mash: Creature Crush

Posted on October 05, 2012 by Ben Harris


On today's Monster Mash menu, we have the monster who sprang to life even after he was rung out into a bottle - Creature Crush!

Admittedly, as a guy, I have no real interest in wearing any of our products. Shocking, I know. I do thoroughly enjoy helping in the creation of these beauties though, as Kaz knows that if she can show me a colour of something, and I think it's awesome, then she's on a winner. Creature Crush has quickly become one of personal favourites, not just because it looks cool (and it seriously does!) but because it seems to have a character to it that it almost grew itself. It's the polish that came to life in the Pretty Serious lab so that it could continue to live on your nails.

Squishing up everyone's favourite Creature (THE Creature!) makes it ooze the many gallons of water it has soaked up from the Black Lagoon. Let's get Kaz to explain it in technical terms first.

"Creature Crush is a haunting mix of black and silver glitter in an inky blue-green jelly base with large black and silver holographic hex glitter." - Kaz


The effect of this polish is something we need to capture on video to appreciate (I'm working on it!). As the light shines over it, the smaller glitter and the dark blue-green base give the shimmering effect of black water under moonlight. As the light catches the larger holographic glitter, you get a quick and colourful flash that looks like rain drops hitting the water. It is entirely mesmerising, and I take no shame in saying that I don't mind spending quality time staring at the bottle like a cat with a laser pointer.



The following swatch was taken under day lamp.



These swatches were taken in direct sunlight.

For yet another stunning added effect, try layering it over Tux! Wow!

Creature Crush and the rest of the Monster Mash collection are available right here on October 10th!

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