Monster Mash: Viscous Vampire

Posted on October 06, 2012 by Ben Harris


Lets knock something straight on the head before this gets started - Pretty Serious does not condone the sparkling of vampires in sunlight. We all had a mass meeting with the vamps where it was unanimously voted that exploding into a gazillion fiery pieces was far more ghastly and that the crazy woman who can't write very well should stop spreading lies. We then led all the vampires into a side room we had prepared with a trap door hiding a giant blender below it. It was here we discovered that with an overdose of pop rocks as party favours and by setting the blender to pulse, that you really can make them sparkle after all!

And now we can present to you, Viscous Vampire!

Oh and by the way, that's Viscous, not Vicious. Viscous as in Viscosity. ;) 


"Viscous Vampire has a red jelly base that's so bright you can almost call it fluorescent, with multi-sized red and fuschia glitter." - Kaz

Right up close, you can see all the different elements at play, but to regular viewing, it results in a bright red that is always eye catching, but really catches your attention when the light hits it.



This swatch was taken under a day lamp.


These swatches were taken in direct sunlight.

Viscous Vampire is available with the rest of the Monster Mash collection this Wednesday October 10th, along with Emma Louise!


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