Monster Mash: Gargoyle Ganache

Posted on October 07, 2012 by Ben Harris


Our last highlight of the Monster Mash series is actually where it all began, with the metallic and stony arrival of Gargoyle Ganache!

Perhaps it should have been called Gremlin Ganache due to it's nature to multiply, because this one polish spawned the idea of not only the rest of the Monster Mash collection, but it's original (and rather ambitious) concept still pushes on, as well producing a couple of prototypes that are so good we simply can't leave them to die on their own. The Gargoyle is a special little monster indeed!


"Gargoyle Ganache is a multichrome shimmer with flashes of green, gold and purple through a stony gunmetal base. It looks like a different polish from every angle." - Kaz

The skin of the Gargoyle turns to stone in the sunlight, and the sun shows that our special breed of Gargoyles are of the mineral-rich variety. The gunmetal stone flashes with colour in all directions. 



We have extra swatches here this time, where Kaz has tried to catch the depth of colours by shooting it at different angles.

These swatches were taken under a day lamp.

These swatches were taken in direct sunlight.

This is one little monster you simply cannot chain down, and he'll be available with the rest of the Monster Mash collection on October 10th. We'll have a time chart up for everyone soon, fo all those wanting to know the precise minute these little ghoulies (and Emma Louise!) go on sale.

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