Not on Monday

Posted on October 09, 2012 by Ben Harris

I'm sure that title alone gave you a flash of the misery that is the start of the work week, the hope that maybe it's a long weekend, or maybe even the dread that we won't be shipping any Pretty Serious orders at the start of the week. :P

But no! I'm instead going to share with you some of the behind the scenes work that goes on around here, and start by showing you the brilliant work of our photographer, Wil! Wil's website just happens to be

We took all the product shots for the Monster Mash collection over the weekend, and I thought we could show you a quick glimpse of some of the process we go through trying to make everything as perfect as possible.

So to take clean and clear shots worthy of appearing on the store, you need some quality camera equipment, a lightbox, and a Wil!


Even with the proper setup, Wil goes to great lengths to duplicate as much as possible the finer details of each shot, down to the lighting position and the angle. You have no idea how hard it is snap a thin tube of lip gloss with silver foil on the front that reflects the light. Not easy to focus! Luckily, Wil has the patience of a saint!

Wil and myself also spent a bit of time after this particular shoot to dabble with another potential feature that I had been toying with (and with much more success than I previously had...) and hopefully we can bring that to you in the very near future. 

If you're keen to check out more of Wil's Skills (yeah, that's a real thing now!) then be sure to check out his YouTube channel as well, where he shows off his mean guitar skills!



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