The Invasion!

Posted on October 28, 2012 by Ben Harris

We've had some big problems to solve here at Pretty Serious. There have been many developments here lately but there are two in particular that we are now very happy to discuss!

Firstly, we have finally hit 1,000 Facebook Likes! Though Facebook's new policies in regards to making pages pay for the privilege of making sure all of their followers can actually see their posts (Hello! Can you hear us??? :( ), the support from all of you has been undeniable. We wanted to find a fun way to thank you all, and so we put it out there to see what everyone would like. A sale? That doesn't leave much room for our most awesome of supporters who have already bought everything! A sneak peek? Very cool, but much of a party? Let's come back to this one!

Our other little problem? Some of you quite cleverly clung onto my mention of some other brilliant prototypes arising from the development of Gargoyle Ganache. And so you should! We stick a ton of hints all over the place about future products if you look carefully, and this one was hardly hiding! These children of the Gargoyle can't be hidden, they demand attention. We didn't want to hide them. They are that special.

The problem here being that we just bombarded you all with rather fantastic Monster Mash collection, the Limited Edition Emma Louise, and our Christmas collection is on it's way. The choice was either a very busy end to the year, or these guys waited till 2013...

November 10th - Prepare for Invasion!


The "They Came From Beyond Space!" mini-collection is a set of three multichrome foil polishes. We'll have more details, swatches, and even videos over the next week.

So back to that first problem! How do we say a big thank you that works out for absolutely everyone? How about if we said that for Monday to Friday of this week only, we have an out of this world- 

Buy-Two-Get-One-Free Pre-Sale Sale!

These polishes are ready to be shipped to us from our manufacturer, along with a full restock of Monster Mash, so we figured why not give you guys the ultimate of sneak peeks, give you a celebratory sale, and make sure that it's one that our most fanatical of followers can be right on board with! We'll still have an official launch on November 10th, but hop on board this week and you can have all three for $19.95 AUD and we'll start shipping them out to you as soon as humanly possible!

We will also pre-emptively set all inventory to include the Monster Mash stock coming with them, so every single one of our products is fully available to you, and we'll hold shipment until all items are ready to go so we can take the pain out of multiple shipping costs.

We think this manages to tick all the boxes that we were hoping for! Thank you all once again for the kind words and support as we've toiled away at making this company something that everyone can love, and an always special thank you to our partner-in-crime, Leigh Young, for helping us to bring this all together in such a rapid rate this weekend.

Set your phasers to STUNNING!

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