Christmas Without Snow: Hot Summer Nights

Posted on November 27, 2012 by Karen Aitken

I meant to have this post up for you guys yesterday, but sadly the last two days have been hot, humid and overcast - another typical occurrence for this time of year! Perhaps I should have made a polish called Stormy Skies! I wanted to wait for some sun to showcase the real beauty of this polish, but for now all I have are shots taken in artificial light. If we get some sun later this week, you can bet I'll be out there snapping away, I really think this polish deserves the full sun treatment!

I previewed the first version of Hot Summer Nights at Pretty Random for World Diabetes Day and you can already see that our new version has much more sparkle, which is exactly how I wanted it. The jelly base is dark and velvety without being too blackened (you can definitely still tell that it's blue!) and the silver shimmer is just dense enough to peek through without turning the polish into a blue foil.

So the question I guess you're all dying to ask, is how does it compare to SSN or Ciel De Nuit? Well, it's definitely in the same vein, but much bluer and the glitter particles are smaller and much more dense. I like to think of it as a close relative of BSOD, but more refined. More sophisticated.

I love this polish, it sparkles in the sunlight like you wouldn't believe and I hope I can get some good sunlight shots for you later this week. C'mon sun!!

The Christmas Without Snow Collection will be available for preorder at 9am AEST, December 1st, orders will begin shipping as soon as stock arrives that week. You can pick them up for $9.95 each or grab the whole set and get a 10% discount. We'll also be running our Golden Ticket promotion, but more on that later!

Pretty Serious polishes are vegan, 3 free and cruelty free. For information you can visit our ingredients page.

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