Christmas Without Snow: Twinkling Lights

Posted on November 30, 2012 by Karen Aitken

Some of my fondest memories of Christmas time involve wandering local neighbourhood streets with my brothers to see how everyone had lit up their houses for Christmas. Some suburbs turned the Christmas lights spectacle into a sort of street fair, with ice cream vans circling the busy streets making a killing on our hot December nights, while vendors set up stalls to sell anything that could glow, flash or blink away in the waning light. These were fun times, filled with wide eyed wonder, smiles and laughter. 


Twinkling Lights captures this for me perfectly with the contrast of the tiny blue microglitter flashing away amongst the larger copper particles. To me, this polish is lights flashing away in the distance, or stars dancing in the clear summer night sky. 


I designed this polish as a companion for Hot Summer Nights and I couldn't be happier with how they compliment each other. Twinkling lights isn't really meant to be built to opacity - I really wanted it to be able to enhance whatever you choose to wear it over. You can still see the beautiful sparkling blue of Hot Summer Nights with a layer of Twinkling Lights over the top. 


Hot Summer Nights and Twinkling Lights? It's even poetic. A match made in the heavens.


On it's own, Twinkling Lights has a subtle beauty that I didn't expect. It's delicate and pale yet still sparkles in the light. What a beautiful polish this is!


The Christmas Without Snow Collection will be available for preorder at 9am AEST, December 1st, orders will begin shipping as soon as stock arrives that week. You can pick them up for $9.95 each or grab the whole set and get a 10% discount. We'll also be running our Golden Ticket promotion, which you can read all about HERE!

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