Changes to US Shipping

Posted on December 01, 2012 by Ben Harris

Something we had planned to have in action the day Pretty Serious launched was a US distributor. It's not cheap sending things to the other side of the world, and the answer was always to send in bulk to try and shave at least a few dollars off per bottle of polish. Unfortunately, sending particular quantities of flammable liquids to anywhere outside of the country is also apparently so confusing that it wasn't until a couple of days before the store opened that we discovered that we'd been fed the wrong info on how to go about this, different people from the various shipping options all had different stories, and we were left with a totally unfeasible idea that we refused to give up on.

Fast forward to the present, and with some extra certifications on the wall and a long stretch of negotiations, and you may now notice that we are now happily stocking to other online stores. That also means that we now have our US arm of the business fairly well stocked. :)

So for our friends from the USA who felt a little left out from our recent pricing adjustments in regards to shipping, here is the reason why!

We have kept our $9.95 flat rate shipping option, but this will now get you priority mail to anywhere in the US. Otherwise, you now have the option of sending USPS First Class based on weight.

1 polish will come in at $3.95, and the price steps up to 4 polishes at $5.75.

Even more importantly, the packages should arrive a lot faster now as well.

For our Canadian friends, we're still investigating all our pricing options for you and we'll have something for you soon in regards to cheaper options. We can at least now get the packages to you quicker than usual.

For the Christmas Without Snow collection, we will still need to send the stock over to our distributor once it arrives, so delivery won't be immediate this time around, though it will still be quicker for most. You'll have to forgive us as we get to grips with juggling two warehouses. 

Unfortunately, there is also a big BUT to all this. After all the effort we've gone to in order to make this possible, USPS is planning on increasing all their prices drastically in the New Year. We will have to revisit this pricing again when this happens, but we thought that for now, we may as well all take advantage of this price cut as we head into Christmas. Grab it while you can!



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