An Update for our North American Customers

Posted on December 21, 2012 by Ben Harris

We know many of our US and Canadian customers are patiently waiting on an update on their Christmas Without Snow orders, and we've been trying hard to even get one ourselves. After many phone calls, yelling, screaming and tears, we finally have one to give-

US Customs have seized all of our stock for inspection.

We were well ahead of the game plan for our Christmas collection originally, but we have been hit with a delay at every single step that hasn't been in our direct control. There was a delay in colour matching Party By The Pool, the manufacturing was delayed slightly, the courier company that delivers from our manufacturer decided to wait a couple of extra days before delivering our stock to us, and then on the US bulk delivery, one guy at DHL delayed it's departure for no real reason for 3 days before it finally even ended up on a plane. The stock showed as having cleared processing a week ago, and we thought the nightmare was finally over, until the tracking seemed to backtrack to show that it was waiting for clearance again. We've been ringing to try and get an update ever since, and we have finally been told that once it cleared DHL customs, the US government walked on in for some random inspections and since we'd already had a ton of bad luck anyway, ours was a good collection of packages to add to their list.

So how long is this going to take? We wish we knew. It seems they've already had it for a week. We won't give up hope for a Christmas miracle and that maybe it's already on it's way and the tracking hasn't been updated, but that's just hoping.

As much as we are shattered that some Christmas presents might not make it to their intended owners in time for the big day (and we were loving the thought of our polishes making awesome stocking fillers), we are also hugely disappointed that this has undone all the hard work we have put into finding a cheaper and quicker postage option for our US customers. You guys aren't accustomed to paying the same costs and having to wait as long as the rest of the world, so we've gone out of our way to meet your expectations. We've actually sent a few batches of stock over to our US distributor as test runs before we went live with the entire process, and despite an initial hiccup, it was all running smoothly and quickly. Anyone who has placed an order with us that did not contain a Christmas Without Snow polish can hopefully attest to that. 

We know we may also be putting alot of pressure on ourselves to deliver at a pace that is just crazy for our location, but we do the best to try and be the best and your opinion means the world to us. Because of that, we've already sent out free shipping codes to everyone affected by this delay so that we can perhaps convince you to give our new shipping another go (pretty much everything else except the Beyond Space collection is well stocked!). If you didn't receive your code, please let us know.

We'll let you know any further updates when we actually get some ourselves. Hopefully someone at US Customs has a heart and a bit of Christmas spirit and sends them on their way as soon as they realise they're just holding some appropriately packaged nail polish and a few Golden Tickets.


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