The Pleasant Surprises and Hard Decisions

Posted on February 17, 2013 by Ben Harris

Designing a polish has a few extra twists and turns for us due to our manufacturing process. We can't just mix up a colour and have it mass produced, as we also have to take into account the ingredients our manufacturers use. Sometimes what we create can't be exactly reproduced, sometimes they improve them, and sometimes the best thing to do is give them as good as we can and get them to finish them off to what we want. It can be a bit of a process sometimes, but most definitely worth it as we think the end results speak for themselves.

An example of this is Emma Louise. Below is the basic three step process we went through designing our first LE.


The first bottle is our original prototype, through to the first matching, and then finally the finished product with hex glitter included. Here, you can see the difference without the added hex.

Another part of this process is what I would guess most would call the "rejects"; the polishes that weren't exactly what we were aiming for. We don't call them rejects though, because they are far from it. Some practically come to life on their own and demand to be seen. The greatest example of this being the "They Came From Beyond Space" collection. Our original idea for Gargoyle Ganache was too ambitious for our time frame, and we wanted it to be special. Kaz mixed up something as close to an alternative as we could do at the time, and gave our manufacturers a few "what if's" in regards to finishing it up. The polish you have all been enjoying is exactly what we were aiming for, but two of those "what if's" were Phantom Planet and Atomic Brain.

Interested in seeing some of the other prototypes?

The real deal is the one with the label facing forward. The others are variations on amounts of foil and holo particles. 

So what about something a little more out there? How about this little pretty-

Believe it or not, that is not a prototype of Santa's Sunburn. It is in fact an experimental Claris, and is a bit more pink in person than the camera wanted to show. As nice as it is though, it simply didn't match the theme, or Claris herself (the character).

The motivation for writing this particular blog entry is that we have once again found ourselves with some pleasant surprises and hard decisions! If you've been wondering why it's been a little quiet in Pretty Serious Land lately, it's due to us catching up on some much needed improvements, such as the site update, and preparing for a rather big year ahead. We have a whole heap of new goodies already in the works, and a few wild variations have once again demanded attention. One was so good we've already slotted it into one of our collections, and you'll be seeing it real soon.

But then there are two others...

The first one I'm going to show you is nothing short of interesting.

Unfortunately, due to the horribly bright and overcast conditions, all of these shots are a little on the bright side, even in the lightbox, but this does show off one of this polishes "personalities". While it looks more orange in brighter light, it's much more brown otherwise. The particles you can see actually give off a green shimmer on the right angles, which you can just see in these shots.

It's an extremely interesting polish that you can't help but keep picking up and staring at. Would you wear it? We may have a space for it in our schedule, but it is definitely different.

Then there is this absolute stunner!

This hot pink absolutely glows! The colour alone may be responsible for that, but the aqua shimmer is the more likely culprit. This little lady was what you might call a result a of miscommunication, but wow, isn't she a mind blowing miss-step! Surely we have to find a place for it somewhere?

So how keen are you guys to get your hands on some these little lovelies? Are the pink and the orange/brown something you would like to see? How about the hex-less Emma Louise? Should we have a random polish collection that we continuously add to so we accommodate these fantastic misfits? Anything is possible if the people want it!


Since it's the early hours of the morning here, and the sun has barely decided to get out of bed on what will be another brightly overcast day, I took the opportunity for greater lighting control to snap a few more pics. As you can see, though the others are a bit more clearer on their colours, there's no dulling that pink! Enjoy!

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