The Pleasant Surprises Episode II: Rise of the Swatches

Posted on February 17, 2013 by Ben Harris

All the sequels are about things rising these days, aren't they? :P

After yesterday's little show and tell, it seemed only fair that we try and get a few swatches of the polishes we showed you, especially while the sun was peeking out at us for a very short amount of time this afternoon. Not many words are needed, just a whole heap of admiring!

Let's start with the one that seems to be everyone's favourite, the one we now affectionately call "The Pink One".

The second shot was in the lightbox and the rest were out in the sunlight. Could you tell? It really doesn't seem to care, it's going to flash itself around regardless of the situation. 

How about the Claris Concept?

Interesting, isn't it? It's like a timid Santa's Sunburn, and classy in it's own right.

Now, how about this orange/brown which can't decide which side of the fence it's going to sit on... I struggled to photograph it as I wanted to previously, but I have since realised that I had it all backwards, and that is what is making this polish interesting. Take a look at these.

You see, while I was trying to show off it's browner side, I was naturally trying to reduce the lighting, only to keep getting more orange. What actually happens though, is that green shimmer goes hiding in bright light and you can see the brown more, while it really comes out to play in slightly lower lighting, turning it more orange. You have no idea how hard it is to stop looking at this bottle, as that illogical backwardness to it's colour shift will make you as curious as a cat at a plug hole!

The sun decided to retreat just as we were about to snap some hex-less Emma Louise, but we seem to have gotten some good shots in anyway.

Rather awesome in it's own right, as that purple really comes out to play without the hex glitter giving it a little pop. 

Have these swatches made you more keen on a particular one? Any changed your mind? We're curious to hear, as the idea of the odd stand alone polish is really growing legs with us. Who are we to deprive people, really? ;)

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