The Pleasant Surprises Episode III: Return of the Misfit Polishes in 3D

Posted on February 19, 2013 by Ben Harris

Yep, that's right! We're ending this trilogy of blog posts with a cinematic 3D experience!

What that actually means in straight up English is that due to all your feedback, we've decided to bring two of the polishes into the real world as part of our ongoing "Seriously Random" collection.

Formally introducing to the world...

Martian Sea and The Pink One!

Yep, we're actually calling it The Pink One. :) Despite it's many humorous applications, it's also a tribute to the many people who demanded we make the pink one available. Everyone wanted the pink one, and now you can literally have "The Pink One"! 

We chose Martian Sea for the name of the orange/brown polish as it reminds us of the magnificent large flats on the Red Planet, and comes with a glimpse of little green men. ;) This polish is unique and insanely curious to look at, and that's what Pretty Serious is all about. 

We were going to call this running collection the Pretty Random's, but someone already took that name for a blog. *cough cough*  Instead we decided to complete the triangle with the Seriously Random's. We strayed away from the Misfits idea, because we don't want any of these guys to be seen with any sort of inferior view. They're as good as any of our other polishes, they were just slightly less intentional.

The hex-less Emma Louise was fun to show you all, but really is an incomplete polish. The Claris Concept has been put back in the vault for now. It may make a reappearance later in some form, but now isn't the time.

We've really enjoyed the whole interaction with you guys in bringing these two polishes to life, and we'll definitely be doing more of this in the future.

Martian Sea and The Pink One should be available in approximately 3 weeks. We'll keep you posted.

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