The Polish Jury

Posted on March 10, 2013 by Ben Harris

Yesterday, we showered all the locations where media likes to be sociable with this little teaser.

We said we'd show you more soon, but no, that time still isn't now! :P I will divulge a bit more information for you though! Those that have been following us from day one may recall that in a couple of places, Kaz had mentioned our forthcoming second collection after "Hello World!" that was to be titled "Hit The Road". Due to a few circumstances, the "In The Night" collection pushed it's way ahead in the queue, and due to Halloween and Christmas being firm dates on the calendar, this collection has been sitting in hibernation ever since. Sleeping, but not forgotten! We did plan on releasing it as our second collection of this year, but it seems the shoe may be on the other foot this time, and you'll all be hitting the road sooner rather than later! 

And yes, there will be much more on this collection before the week is done! ;)

But for now, we have some more potential Seriously Random's to show you! Not every polish that falls into the Seriously Random net is some strange act of the gods, or a genetic mutation born purely by surprise. Some are quite intentional. Sometimes Kaz just decides to mix up some shade that just came to her that has no real home with others, or some like this one I'm about to show are a case of "What if you took this polish and made it this colour?" We get alot of those! People love the formula and then want it in every shade pantone can account for. Sometimes this requires shifting away from the original formula just a bit for the sake of good taste, so it's not always spot on, but the destination is still a happy one.

So jury duty is in people, and today we decide if TSOD is guilty of being a Seriously Random! Yes and yes, that stands for Teal Screen of Death, and that is definitely just a working name and not what it will end up with.

Swatches? Yes, we have those! All taken in sunlight.

It's not exactly BSOD in teal form, think of that more as the inspiration and starting point, but as you can see, they are still extremely closely related. What do you guys think? Should it be part of the Pretty Serious family?

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