Okay, we'll show you!

Posted on March 13, 2013 by Ben Harris

Before we get on with today's show piece, we need to discuss the monkey in the room. Specifically, the Purple Monkey Dishwasher. See, we were going to wait until we showed you all of the potential new Seriously Random's before we made the call on what was making the cut, but the response we've had for PMD has been immense. We've loved the enthusiasm for it so much and can't thank you more for all the interest you've shown. Well, we can thank you more by just saying "Ok, ok! We'll do it!" :)

Don't forget, the first two Seriously Random's, Martian Sea and The Pink One, are available as of this coming Monday! (Sunday for those in the US)

Lets get back to our Hit the Road teaser.

And show you we shall!

We love our entry into the nail polish market, the appropriately themed "Hello World!" The one question we always heard though was "Where is the red?" A quality red creme is the hallmark entry of any nail polish brand, and we dared to enter the game without anything even close. While this was partially a statement, it was mostly because if we were to make our definitive red, we wanted it to be in tribute to the most evil of cars from my most favourite author. Hell on Wheels herself - Christine. The collection was pushed back and other fantastic reds have joined the Pretty Serious World in Nightmaren, Viscous Vampire and Santa's Sunburn, but that one pure red has been waiting patiently for it's moment to strike. 

That moment is finally here! Presenting - Hell on Wheels.

It's like a Plymouth Fury on the nails!

Hope you love it!

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