More Gold Than The Lost City!

Posted on March 16, 2013 by Ben Harris

Well, not that much gold, be we do have another one to show you like we promised. Can't say we entirely felt the love for yesterday's gold. While some may have liked it, the response was not entirely overwhelming, mostly due to people not being a huge fan of the colour. It is a gap we need to fill for those that are fans of it though, and we can always keep lower stock numbers, so we aren't writing it off just yet. 

While yesterday's gold was the foily smoothness of Santa's Sunburn, this one is all about the fine glitter!

And just for a comparison, here's the two of them sitting side by side.

The distinction between them is a little more stark in person, and it really is a battle of "glow vs sparkle".

Let's see this one swatched!

So which one wins the battle for you? Do you love gold so much that you need both? Are you thinking "Booo! More gold when I want to see other new stuff!"? We're really interested to hear!

Since I didn't get this blog up last night as I had planned I may even be back with another one for you before the day is out. How about another Hit the Road?

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