A Seriously Random Orange

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Ben Harris

You should be thankful that I chose that rather bland title, because the alternative puns I'd come up with were atrocious. Hooray for better judgement!

We have a couple more Seriously Random candidates that we want to put through the ringers so we can make a final call on which ones are getting manufactured while Hit the Road gets all its finishing touches.

Today's polish is actually a friend of The Pink One and Martian Sea. It was completely unintentional in it's general finish and we actually received it with those other two, but we held it back because it may have made a rather hefty replacement for one of the Hit the Road polishes if we couldn't get it where we wanted it to be. Ultimately, we were rather pleased with how the Hit the Road polish turned out (are you seeing the giant clue I'm giving you here? I do it rather frequently!) and so this one has been put back into the Seriously Random batch. I think the fact that it came from the same batch as those other two, we almost put it into production regardless, and that we're still showing it to you despite it being very similar in general colour (look I'm doing it again!) to one of our forthcoming polishes, says quite alot about our opinion of this one.

So who's keen to see some orange in the Pretty Serious shop?

What we have here is a rather juicy orange with an orange to yellow duochrome flash. Wait till you see it out of the bottle!

As many of you would know though, a duochrome likes to come out and play in the shade, so we grabbed a few shots of that as well.

And just for added cleverness, we snapped a shot half in and out of the shade for comparison.

So what do the judges think of this one? Is she in or out?

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