Just One More!

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Ben Harris

Have we worn you down with all the new polishes yet? Hopefully not, because we have one more on the Seriously Random pile to go! We'll give you guys a breather after that, but lets decide the fate of this last polish first.

Before I tell it's tale, lets jump straight to the bottle shots first.

When I first saw this polish, I made the mistake of thinking this was Kaz's twist on Emma Louise, with it's purple and green combination, but using micro glitter. Turns out I was extremely wrong, and if you're making the same silly presumption as me, here's a side by side shot to prove they are quite different.

That's Emma Louise on the right, of course. Since I was doing comparison shots, it probably wouldn't be a bad thing to throw Purple Monkey Dishwasher into the mix either.

Emma Louise to the left, Purple Monkey Dishwasher to the right. As you can see, it errs more on the blue side of things.

So now it's place in the purple spectrum is clarified, let's get with the swatches!

Verdicts? Let's hear your thoughts so we can make the final call on our next batch of Seriously Random's! The ball's in your court!

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