Posted on March 27, 2013 by Ben Harris

While looking to update our FAQ page, it became obvious that what we considered our number 1 frequently asked question doesn't actually fit the description. It's more what we should call our biggest assumption, and we thought it best to try and address it directly.


This has always been the case since the day we opened, though we admit, the costs weren't what we had hoped for at that point due to a steady stream of misinformation from all that would be involved in getting flammable goods overseas, but we've worked on it, we're still working on it, and as we win the battle of streamlining and price reduction we have always given the world the option of having some way of getting our products.

The key to keeping everything affordable is bulk shipping, which is where our growing network of wholesalers help pave the way for us and most other brands to lump large boxes of our products into regions and divvy up the cost of that into smaller and more palatable portions. It is also then helpful that all you lovely customers can then grab a selection of brands to try without multiplying that shipping cost yet again, and perhaps if you throw that one Pretty Serious polish in your cart with everything else, we can do our job in winning you over. 

We are attempting to go beyond just that experience, and in the US we have our own distributor, the remarkably efficient Alicia, who we send big boxes of goodies to on a regular basis. This has cut our shipping costs to the US and Canada massively, as well as allowing those customers to get their products in a matter of days (unless we need to rush some stock over there). It's also now completely viable to just grab a polish or two as we can offer different pricing options. We now have a shipping calculator built into the shopping cart, so why not check it out? We're hoping you'll be pleasantly surprised.

We are hoping to one day soon replicate this setup in Europe, and possibly the UK specifically, as though we do send to the rest of you guys around the world direct from Australia, prices for postage have recently changed and made it cheaper for us to ship to Asia, but more expensive for all our European friends. It has also started taking up to 2 months for packages to reach places like Russia and Italy. We feel your frustration with this and it irritates us as much as it does you, but our mindset is that even though it might not be best situation, at least we can give the option. Thankfully, Norway Nails and soon Pshiiit can help solve some of these problems out that way.

But still, the point of this story is that regardless of how much we try to advertise it (like that great big "WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE" that is now strung across the middle of the site :P ), we still see many comments on bloggers reviews, and even our own Facebook page, of people wishing that we shipped internationally, that they wish a certain other online store can stock us so that we would be available to them, or that it's a shame that our other stockists are all out of a certain polish and they have to wait while we still have plenty available on our own store.

Our store, our products and our world are open to everyone. If we didn't have that option to deal with you all direct, then we would be just another brand and not the Pretty Serious that you are all coming to know and hopefully love. We believe that if you want a particular bottle of polish, it's rather silly of us to not make it available to you, and that applies to not just to our shipping, but also why the only Limited Editions you will see from us will be due to needing a cut off for charity donations (Emma Louise) or just for a bit of fun with special occasions (Golden Ticket). We really don't want to get in the way of doing business with you all, so please remember that our borders are always open!

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