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Posted on March 27, 2013 by Ben Harris

So you're probably wondering which of the Seriously Random's made the cut and when exactly can you have them, correct? Thought so! 

We may as well discuss the bad news first. Of the six polishes we showed you, we've decided to keep four of them and round out our current Seriously Random set to a healthy six. That means two of them didn't make it through, and the two we decided to put back on the shelf for now are the two golds. Some of you seemed genuinely excited by those two polishes, but the love for them was clearly well behind the other four. Gold is a bit of a niche colour, so we didn't expect a huge response, but given what we currently have coming through the pipeline, the investment is best held off for a while. We will likely come back to them, as they really are ready for production the moment we give the word, but this is clearly not the time.

So now I'm sure you all know what the good news is, so we may as well just formally introduce you all to the new additions.

First of all, you all know this guy - Purple Monkey Dishwasher.

The response was huge and the name seemed to be loved by the vast majority, so we called it on the spot. There seems to be no denying the Monkey!

Next up, that orange that very near barged it's way into one of our other collections. We have named her - My Darling Clementine.

The extremely and intentionally obvious reference to the colour orange sat nicely with both myself and Kaz, as she is an avid lover of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, and one of my favourite movies is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Next, we would like to introduce you formally to Cybernetic.

It was a name that just seemed to sum up it's character perfectly. Also, Kaz told me that I need to lay off the alliteration, so I stuck with the one word I really wanted.

And lastly, the one we nicknamed TSOD - Grimm Demise.

Naming this guy was a whole lot of effort! Firstly, I had the idea of trying to maintain the TSOD anagram by naming it something else that started with those letters. Some thing ridiculous like "Tania Stole Our Datsun". I knew a Tania at school, and I bet she would! Then there was the idea of having a competition to see who could come up with the best name based on that idea, since Kaz disputed that likely no one, not even Tania, would want to steal a Datsun 120Y. Realistically though, many of the possible four word names might struggle to fit onto the label.

So then began the many teal puns. I came up with plenty, but though my further research proves that other companies have delivered far worse, Kaz thought mine were just far too ridiculous. Here are some samples-

From Dusk Teal Dawn

Teal or No Teal

The Way You Make Me Teal

Teal Before Me

Teal of Approval

The Tealinator

And really I rattled this rubbish off for a good week, keeping myself amused and giving Kaz a sore neck as she continuously shook her head at me.

After spending some quality time with it, we decided that spoke to us of a forest at night, but an unnatural one. Not a fairytale forest, a whimsically fantastical one, yes, but one that shares a darkness with it's moonlit beauty. One were you might expect an evil child eating witch to be thrown in an oven and for everyone to be full of happy smiles while it happens. Grimm Demise seemed to sit with it perfectly. We hope you like it!

As for availability, we currently have these back in at R&D with our manufacturer, purely for formula adjustments. We felt they were a little too far on the thick side and we just tweaking that down a little. We're predicting about 4-6 weeks until they are available in our store, but we'll keep you all posted!

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