Happy Birthday To Us!

Posted on April 09, 2013 by Ben Harris

March 14th is the one year anniversary of Pretty Serious! 

In some ways, we are left wondering how that has crept up on us, then we reflect on all that has happened and we start to wonder how we haven't quite cracked the year mark. We have gone from a concept with a whole lot of belief to a product that has seen the likes of New York Fashion Week and is currently arriving in people's mailboxes around Australia in the Lust Have It Autumn Eco Box. We did that in less than a year? We told you we were taking this seriously!

As we have always maintained, we couldn't be doing this without all you guys, and you know we love sharing in a celebration with all the people that have helped get us here. We're going all out for this one, because this is an extra special event. Not only is it our anniversary, but that also makes it the 1st birthday our much loved mascot, Daphne. She's been sitting there putting her polish on and getting ready for a party for a whole year now (a Halloween and Christmas one even!) and we're going to throw her the grandest party of all! 

Introducing "Daphne's Birthday Party"! 

It's like a party in a bottle! We don't have any swatches for you just yet (coming very soon!), but we wanted to put this out there to tell you about the other half of the celebration.

We want this party to paint the net sparkly on May 14th! We expect to have these polishes in our possession around the 19th or the 22nd, and they will go on sale immediately so that most of our European friends will have it heading in their direction while we send a shipment over to the US. That way, everyone who wishes to join in on the fun can have this polish ready to go on the big day, and then together we shall paint the town "party!"

We didn't want one single image shared repeatedly all over social media with no thought or care, so what we're asking instead is that on May 14th, everyone unleashes swatches of Daphne's Birthday Party on blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, anywhere and everywhere! "Why would we want to go to that effort?", I hear the party pooper at the back of the room say! Because just for doing so, we'll give you a 20% off discount code for your next purchase as our thanks to you for everything!

Oh wait, did you think that was the competition? Nope! That's just your goodie bag for rocking up to join in the fun. What if we instead said that everyone who joins in goes into the draw to win every single polish that we release over the next year? Yep, consider it a Pretty Serious Subscription, and that includes our annual charity Limited Edition coming later this year. When we party, we keep it going till the next one! ;)

The terms and conditions-

1. Everyone who buys a bottle of Daphne's Birthday Party is eligible to enter. In the unlikelihood of us giving a couple of samples to bloggers, those people will not be eligible. One entry per person only.

2. The swatches must be your own, and while we obviously love full blog exposure, any photo on any social media service or website is acceptable. Please don't be worried if your swatches aren't the work of a professional nail artist, you won't be judged on quality.

3. Once you have posted your swatch, please notify us using the "Contact Us" tab on or site, or email info@pretty-serious.com so that we have an email address to send your discount code to.

4. The swatch MUST be of Daphne's Birthday Party, and must be posted on May 14th within any given time zone. In other words, as soon as it cracks 12:01am in NZ through to 11:59pm in the US. As long as it's the 14th SOMEWHERE, that's good enough for us. Who wants a party to only last a measly 24 hours?

5. The winner of the subscription will receive every polish, barring specially commissioned one off polishes, right through to our birthday next year on May 14th 2014. In simple talk, if you had the subscription over the past year, you would have received an Emma Louise and Golden Ticket, but not a Naughty Night Shift Nurse.

6. When we draw the big winner, we will create a video of the entire drawing process, having the winner pulled out of a hat or other such receptacle by a third party, and post the video on our YouTube channel. We will go to whatever lengths possible to prove the drawing to be as incorruptible as we can.


We hope this meets the party standards of everyone and is taken to with the kind hearted intentions that it is meant to be taken with. We know there can be drama's around a prize of this size, so we will do our best to keep it as transparent as possible. We hope you can all join in on the fun of the day.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the the polish and the contest!


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