Swatch of the Party!

Posted on April 15, 2013 by Ben Harris

As we inch closer to the arrival of Daphne's Birthday Party, and the epic competition that goes along with it, it's about time we show you a swatch or two!

These swatches may not exactly follow the typical swatch blueprint, but the glitter was so sparkly that it reflected the sunlight rather brightly, and a few different angles and a bit of shade seemed to show the colours at work a little better. Lets see what you think!

I know normally I'd be complaining about it being too overcast for decent photo's, but on this particularly bright and clear Sydney day, taking the camera slightly out of focus would result int he following-

Actually, it was even more insane than that, I just didn't think to take a snap of it until the sun had started going down. Having seen all it's flashy trickery, we could have easily gotten away with calling it "LSD Kaleidoscope". Could have we?

Daphne's Birthday Party will be available around next Monday or Tuesday. We'll put it up the moment they actually arrive, so we'll keep you posted!

We'll also have more stock of The Pink One available at the same time, for those patiently waiting!

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