One Polish CAN Make a Difference!

Posted on April 16, 2013 by Ben Harris

Guess what? You're about to get tormented with another Hit The Road polish! You know you love it!

To be fair, I've been tormenting you with this one for a while now, and when we told you all that we were releasing a collection based on famous cars, this is the one that every single person picked.

It was rather unfortunate that there were so many fantastic cars we had to let slip due them being majority black. The Batmobile and The A-Team van being the two we missed the most. But really, could any of them stand a chance against KITT?

Knight Industries Two Thousand, that's KITT for short, was the extremely functional car with built in AI from the Knight Rider TV series, most recognised by it scrolling red light on the front. It was the sole companion of the one man who could make a difference, Michael Knight, the role that the great David Hasselhoff is so well known for. In fact, we have his total marketing approval!

Okay, maybe we don't have THE Hoff's approval, but this 12cm plastic Hoff thinks it's pretty killer.

As you can see, our polish in tribute to one of the best, if not the greatest, car of the 80's is a rather glossy black with a deep red bar glitter. It's name? Turbo Boost!

Let's check out some swatches of Turbo Boost in action!

Whether you're a fan of bar glitter or not, it's hard not to call this polish anything other than classy, would you agree? The red hides itself in the deep shadow of the black, and leaps out at the hint of light. It's a fitting tribute in every way.


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