Daphne's Birthday Party: Join the Celebration!

Posted on April 23, 2013 by Ben Harris


Tomorrow, Wednesday 24th April 2013, 9am AEST. That's when "Daphne's Birthday Party" goes on sale, and that's when you can help us make May 14th a very special day for both us and our girl Daphne, and pick yourself up some bonuses as well! We'll be making this blog post the one stop shop for all the info and goodies you might need to party to your maximum capabilities.

So what should you do?

Firstly, grab yourself a bottle of Daphne's Birthday Party as soon as you possibly can! You want to make sure you have yourself properly prepared in time.

Next, get that polish of sparkly explosion on your nails so you can grab yourself a swatch or two (a whole blog posts worth even!) If you are going to put it on your blog, you may want to get it ready before hand, but most importantly...


Once it hits May 14th in your timezone, unleash upon the interwebs with all you have and wish Daphne a Happy Birthday! We want to spread the sparkly confetti far and wide on one big special day, and we don't care if you aren't a nail artist with but just a dormant instagram account to your name - join in with us!

Finally, come here to our site and hit the Contact Us tab on the side of the page, or just email info@pretty-serious.com, and let us know where you put your swatch. 


We're giving everyone who joins in a 20% off discount code for their next order! But most importantly, we'll put you in the draw to win the very special prize of EVERY SINGLE POLISH WE RELEASE UNTIL DAPHNE TURNS 2!!! Trust us, that's quite a bit of polish that will start paying off rather immediately.

As we said before though, just a few general rules-

  • Your swatches must be of Daphne's Birthday Party, and they must be your own. Stealing someone else's swatch of Poltergeist Puddle and putting it up on the day doesn't count. Just saying, because there's always someone... Also, the polish must have been bought by you. No buying one bottle so you and 5 close friends can enter. That's not very sporting.
  • Your swatch must be viewable to all on some form of social media or website. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, your own blog - the more the merrier!
  • Each person will only be entered into the draw once. We toyed with the idea of an entry per separate post, but obviously, some people have a much larger online presence than others and we wanted a fair and even playing field for everyone joining in. We hope everyone will simply get into the spirit of it all and go crazy, if possible, anyway!
  • When we say "every single polish", that does not include any special one off polishes we may do for whatever reason. An example of this is The Great Below, a one of a kind polish currently up for auction for Paint It Blue. Other Limited Edition's in the vein of Emma Louise or Golden Ticket - all yours!
  • The competition is open to anyone who buys a bottle of Daphne's Birthday Party. Any bloggers that we may give a promotional sample to are not eligible, but if they bought a polish like everyone else - fair game! Also, our immediate family and close friends - all ineligible.
  • We'll draw the winner as soon as we can possibly organise it after the day is well and truly done. It will be drawn by a mutual third party who we have not yet decided on, and we will post a video of the drawing on our YouTube channel for all to see. Kaz is already cranky that she has to be in front of the camera, but we will do our best to prove we have an honest winner.

For our US customers, please be aware that a rather chunky shipment of Daphne's Birthday Party (and yes, The Pink One!) will be leaving here tomorrow. You should then be happily receiving them sometime next week. We wanted to put it up for sale ASAP for those people all the way over in Europe who sometimes have to wait weeks for their packages to show up.

For any new developments or goodies involved with the big day, we'll be updating them here. That includes a bunch of banners and avatar images you may want to use for your blog posts or other accounts to bling them up Daphne style for the day.

Daphne's Birthday Party will actually be found under the Seriously Random collection in our store, since that it the most appropriate place for it. It is not Limited Edition!

If anyone has any questions or is confused about anything - PLEASE ASK US! Leave a comment, send an email, whatever you are comfortable with! We won't bite, and we're happy to help!

Happy Birthday Daph! And thank you Leigh!


To answer a couple of questions that we seem to be getting asked a lot-

  • It's all good if you bought Daphne's Birthday Party in a group buy! We didn't mean to freak anybody out with the rule about needing to buy a bottle each, we're just trying to eliminate the swindlers before they get a chance. There's always at least one, every single time, who will try to win with total disregard for being a good sport. If we don't state solid boundaries up front then you can be sure someone will think they're clever, so we're removing their argument up front. We aren't making this the rule to try and sell extra bottles, and we aren't going to insist you fork out your hard earned to the post man just so we know you have a bottle. It's all very easy to prove if you did group buy, so don't fear. We just want the big prize to fairly go to a true supporter.
  • Your swatches don't need to just be entirely of Daphne's Birthday Party, as long as it is used. We don't want to restrict all the fantastic nail artists out there that want to get creative. If you can stick to Pretty Serious polishes, that would be cool, but we aren't even going to enforce that. So long as Daph gets to bling up your day, we're happy!


The big day is tomorrow! Let's try and keep everything rolling together with the hashtags of #happybirthdaydaphne and #prettyserious

Another thing I keep neglecting to mention is the inclusion of the incoming Seriously Random's to the grand prize. Are they included? The answer is YES! If you want them to be. The likelihood of us drawing the big winner before they go on sale on Friday is precisely ZIPPO! But don't let your chances of winning detract you from helping yourself. However many of them you buy, we'll compensate you for with either our current catalog, or going a little over schedule. Officially though, your calendar starts tomorrow!

I'm still in the process of putting together some graphics of all varying sizes for tomorrow. If you wish to use them (and we hope you do!), then just keep checking back here and I'll start trickling them up. Sorry for the delay, I wear way too many hats! 


Healthy Avatar, Facebook and Instagram size | Hi-Res Version

Birthday Banner

Birthday Banner 2

Healthy Avatar, Facebook and Instagram size | Hi-Res Version

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