There's a Monkey on the Production Line!

Posted on May 04, 2013 by Ben Harris

We know it's been a little bit longer than expected, but we can finally reveal that Daphne will be getting an extra special (slightly belated) present - The new Seriously Randoms are hitting the store on May 17th!

Sorry we had to hold our tongues on this one, but on top of a reformulation, public holidays (Official and unofficial. You fellow Aussies know what I'm talking about.) got in the way of the ordering process, and then we had to consider how many of you fellow celebrators would want to get a hold of your 20% off voucher first. We wanted the 14th, but this will finish off the big week with a rather explosive bang!

So, what's with the reformulation? Good question!

Party By The Pool. We know a fair amount of people feel in leans a little too much on the thick side. Fair criticism taken totally onboard, and if you are one of the ones thinking the same, well you would have utterly hated the Randoms in practice. They were one step further again, and while the particular colour and finish of Party By The Pool needed it to be a little thick, there was no reason for it with our newbies. So back to the lab they went for a bit of careful thinning!

The end result is a tiny bit thinner than our usual jelly polishes, but just to put your mind at ease, we painted up a nail wheel to demonstrate first second and third coats.










So there they are, the polishes you guys picked, all cleaned up and already in production!

May 17th! Lock it in!

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