Time to Crack Out the Daisy Dukes!

Posted on May 08, 2013 by Ben Harris


Introducing the maiden voyage of the new Hit the Road banner! Artwork once again by the uber-talented Leigh Young. We had the sketch of Christine drawn up way back when the collection was originally supposed to be released, so it's a bit of a relieving happy moment to see it finally get all shined up and take it's place in Pretty Serious history, where it belongs.

Did you spot the key piece of information on the banner yet? Yep, sometime early June! We can't put an exact date on it yet due to the new Seriously Randoms. We typically have longer to allow a collection to sell, pay all the relevant bills associated and supply our stockists before we push on with the next one. We're charging ahead on a funny schedule here due to earlier complications and the insatiable demand for Purple Monkey Dishwasher, so the first half of June is the best we have right now until the smoke of next week clears.

So while this is the fifth big reveal for the collection on the blog, the sixth and final car has been splashed around elsewhere. We'll come back to that one. Let's talk about the one pretty much everyone was expecting.

Can you mention famous cars without thing of the General Lee? Any car that can take even the slightest bit of attention away from Daisy Duke's very short shorts is one very fine specimen, and we're paying tribute to this fine automobile with our polish - Generally Hazzardous.

Remember how I said that My Darling Clementine actually came from the same muddle up as The Pink One and Martian Sea, but we considered putting it in an official collection? Ah, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place! I keep throwing them out there...

We only held back My Darling Clementine while Generally Hazzardous was in for matching, but obviously, what we got back was exactly what we wanted for the polish. Considering we don't currently have any orange, there was always room for two!

In case you're concerned that they might be too similar, we present you with this-



That's My Darling Clementine on first and third, and Generally Hazzardous on second and fourth. As you can see, MDC is a sparkly dazzler in a similar shade of orange, but Generally Hazzardous is the beautifully pigmented, shimmering creme that we wanted to bear the name.

How's about some swatches?




Can we get a YEEHAW!!! ???

Don't forget that it's Daphne's birthday next week! Make sure you join in the celebration!

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