The Perfect Party

Posted on May 17, 2013 by Ben Harris

Ever had one of those long weekend parties where you didn't sleep for three days because you were having such a good time that you didn't want it to end? Remember how wrecked you are once you finally hit the wall? That's about how wrecked we are right now, but it was all worth it.

Something magical happened this week that defies everything that a social media or competition expert claims to be true. Not that we typically follow the teachings of anyone of the sort, but you have to know what the mold is in order to break it - and that was exactly our goal. We also don't mind admitting that we don't always go with the most advantageous business decisions because sometimes there is more value than just the monetary kind when it comes to creating and sharing your own products with an appreciative audience.

The truth is, our entire thought process with organising Daphne's Birthday went something like this -

  • Let's create an anniversary polish! We'll call it "What a year!"
  • Should we celebrate our anniversary for ourselves, or put the party hat where it truly belongs - on the girl who symbolises the company?
  • "Daphne's Birthday Party" it is then!
  • How are we going to celebrate? We want everyone involved or it ain't a party! Let's NOT design a picture for everyone to share! That's a good start! Not one single static boring image repeated a thousand times, this thing has to LIVE! It's a party!
  • What if everyone swatched the polish and shared that around instead? At least every picture will be unique and have meaning. One swatch with actual intent is worth a hundred shared advertisements. I'd rather see that.
  • If people give us enough love to go to that much trouble for us, they deserve something in return! Let's get them a discount code before the Random's get here. It seems entirely appropriate and almost an act of karma that they get a little something off the polishes they helped to choose.
  • It doesn't seem nuts enough yet. Lets just give one of them free everything for a year!

There's no maths or real business decisions involved here folks, and while some may cheapen the entire event by just calling it a competition, it really has been entirely motivated by an attempt at something fun and original while sharing the love of something we've put a lot of ourselves into. 

The reason I mentioned the social media and competition experts a little earlier is because all of them would tell you that it was entirely a stupid idea. Statistics prove that people like to be involved in things that require bugger all effort. Simple sweepstakes are the most popular, followed by sweepstakes where you do extra things for more entries, and then way at the end of the list is everything involving a person to create something. Video entries, photo entries, actually writing things out - apparently none are all that keen. It was in the back of my mind that the whole thing could easily flop, exactly as they all say, and we just get a handful of blog posts. We didn't really care. It might just catch on more next year. 

Well over 100 people joined in. We're still getting the odd late email, so the number is still trickling upwards, but the response has just been phenomenal! Even still, the number of people involved isn't why I'm writing all this up and boring you random business-type talk. It's what was created that has truly broken down every wall of expectation.

We never stipulated how the polish was to be used. Just a simple swatch would do. As you can see from the album on Facebook though, it all went much further than that. Some of the nail art is just mind-blowingly cool, some people found ways to combine it with other polishes that we never even considered, some did it multiple times, there was even jewelry made! Above and beyond is what we got!

Want to see something really cool? Ev from Plisherrific didn't even have a bottle of Daphne's Birthday Party, but still wanted to contribute, so she created this pin-up version of Daphne with a birthday tattoo.

Check out her whole blog post here!

Can we ever say thank you to you all enough? I started writing this with that sole intention, but sometimes you reach a point where the words just aren't good enough. You exceeded our expectations, you proved those silly experts wrong, but most importantly, you all joined in with the absolute best of intentions. Every swatch meant something. The fact that our girl Daph can pull that much genuine love has made every hurdle we have ever had to steamroll over well worth it, and as we keep pushing on to also get these Randoms ready for you all for tomorrow, we do it with a big smile on our faces.

So one last time, very sincerely, thank you! 

Now onto year two! Wait till you see what we have in store! We've just been getting warmed up!

What did you all think of the entire birthday party? Keep it for next year? Any improvements?


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