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Posted on May 20, 2013 by Ben Harris


This blog is a bit of a two parter, so make sure you hang around after the credits kiddies!

Firstly, We've been a little slack in formally introducing to you our final addition to the Hit the Road collection. You've probably all seen him hanging around in the corner, but he hasn't been formally announced. We should probably get to that!

So here we are, the final and most obscure of the Hit the Road collection - "Party Time! Excellent!"

While I'm sure plenty of you will straight away figure out the reference, it is in fact a tribute to the Mirthmobile - Wayne and Garth's baby blue AMC Pacer from the Wayne's World movies.

"Party Time! Excellent!" is a combination of pale blue glitter, mixed with some gold and red for the added flame effects. It's not working hard enough for you if it doesn't have flames, you know what I mean? All that lovely glitter is sitting in a pale blue jelly base.

Swatches? We have some!

As you can see, all of these were out in the sun on two different days with different conditions. As you can see in the first swatch, the blue glitter really flares up at the right angle with some bright light. The red and gold seem to want to play more with a bit of shadow.

What do you guys think? Something a little different?



I said to hang after the credits! There's a direct lead in to the next chapter happening here!

No doubt you would have noticed that a particular detail on the Hit the Road banner has changed? Yep, we're doing a pre-sale for four days at the end of this week!


We have a few reasons, and really we're just testing the waters for something more manageable. Traditionally, we don't like to do business until we have the goods and can get them to you as soon as humanly possible on our behalf. There is a lot that goes on in between us receiving the stock and you guys having it in your hands though, giving us a rather large workload for that week that usually involves the wee hours of the morning. We also know there is still a fair amount of discount codes floating around out there, so it's fair to presume that a lot of you are waiting for this collection to pounce, which leads to the next reason...

There is also the problem of gauging demand, and as we have all just seen with The Pink One, sometimes these blowouts leaves us making a few top up orders which can quickly drag out for over a month. We'd also like to get our other stockists in on the action of launch day a little more if they choose and give all of us a little breathing room.

Though the circumstances of "They Came From Beyond Space!" were a little different, the release worked really well, so we thought we'd give it another shot.

This Thursday the 23rd, through to Sunday the 26th, will we put the Hit the Road collection up for pre-sale! Everyone who lays down their order during this time will be guaranteed your order and will have it sent to you as soon as stock comes in approx two weeks later. Officially, we will launch the collection with any remaining stock on the week of the 24th of June.

What this means is that depending on where you live, you could have the collection as early as two weeks before official launch. This will give our stockists a bit of time to join in, and give all you bloggers out there the chance to get some cheeky blog posts in before the rest of the world gets their hands on them. Most importantly though, if gives all of you most loyal and attentive of fans the chance to get your polishes even earlier than usual with no chance of missing out.

What do you guys think of that structure? Does it work for you? Wait to give it a chance? We're all ears as usual.

One other quick bit of info - we will be having our usual 10% combo discount for all six polishes, but no, the DBP codes will not work on it. That is for individual items only, so you will still get 20% off and not a sneaky 30%, you cheeky buggers. Also, any other non-Hit the Road items you buy in the same order will all be shipped at once.

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