Getting Random with the Randoms

Posted on May 30, 2013 by Karen Aitken

By now you've probably seen our four new incredible Seriously Random shades Cybernetic, Grimm Demise, My Darlin' Clementine and Purple Monkey Dishwasher. But have you really SEEN them?

These babies are far more versatile than one might think at first glance, so I did a little bit of experimental layering to show you all just how many different manis you can get from these four fabulous polishes.

First up, let's take a look at them on their own.

This is My Darlin' Clementine all on it's own.Three coats, no top coat. Pretty impressive huh? Kinda makes me want to drink a glass of Fanta. I'm talking bright orange artificial Fanta that we have here in Australia. Not the puzzling more natural looking stuff you guys have in the UK.

Next up is our beautiful sparkling teal - Grimm Demise. Same deal here: Three coats, no top coat. It's a still a little transparent but it gives the base that nice squishy jelly look.

Ahh, next up we have the superlative Purple Monkey Dishwasher. Three coats, no TC. The purple jelly base of this shade is almost the exact purple of the violet tint shampoo you use to get yellow out of your hair when you've bleached it into oblivion. Which I may have done. A lot. 

Although a close relative of Purple Monkey Dishwasher, Cybernetic is most definitely blue. Although it's hard to see from this pic, there are tiny flashes of purple and green glitter peeking out from the blue base that make this colour truly fascinating in person.

But now that you've seen them, gotten to know them, taken them in... let's get a little crazy. How about we try layering them. Over black!

My Darlin' Clementine (over black)

Purple Monkey Dishwasher (over black)

Grimm Demise (over black)

Cybernetic (over black)

What did I tell you? Awesome, right? Well we aren't done yet. I decided to pick some matching colours out of our Pretty Serious line and layer our Random beauties over similar shades. I'm pretty pleased with the results!

My Darlin' Clementine over Generally Hazzardous (Released June 24)

Grimm Demise over Nightopia

Purple Monkey Dishwasher over Poltergeist Puddle

And finally, my personal favourite - Cybernetic over BSOD

And there you have it. These new Random shades are not only beautiful, but versatile too! All four are in stock now so grab them while you can!

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