Hit the Road Pre-Order and Launch Update

Posted on June 20, 2013 by Ben Harris

Hello faithful viewers!

We're a bit overdue for an update on Hit the Road, so here's a quick run down on what's been happening!

Hopefully, some of pre-orders have already made it to their new homes, especially in Aus. There was a tiny manufacturing delay of just a day, but then that was followed up by a lack of courier co-ordination that cost us another day (and a late night rescue mission), which then lead into the weekend.

As a result, the US shipment has only just cleared customs in LA. We'd hoped they'd be on their last stretch directly to your homes by now, but the time zone/day difference between Aus and the US is a killer for the weekend when it comes to shipping. They'll be in your hands real soon, we promise! As usual, you'll receive your fulfilment notice once Alicia has sent it on to you, so you can time your anticipation appropriately.

As for the official launch, we're officially locking it in for next Thursday 27th June! I did originally say the WEEK of June 24th, but that seems to have even confused Kaz, who thought we were all systems go for Monday. We're launching on Thursday for two reasons-

1. We want all pre-orders to be delivered before we launch.

2. Another reason.

Reason number 2 is also the reason we have been a little quiet, as something we have been working on quite a long while is on the home stretch, and unleashing it with a collection launch is always the sensible thing to do. Hopefully they coincide as planned and we have some cool news in the coming days. If not, look away for a little bit longer and forget I said anything... ;)


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