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Yes, I'm sorry. See, I've been playing a game with you. Anyone that has followed us from the start knows that I do have a habit of doing these things. Sneaky little hints are a lot of fun if you're sharp, but you have to watch closely! Want to see what I've been up to?

Firstly, when we announced the official launch date of Hit the Road in the last blog, I also mentioned another little something that we've been working on for a long time. We didn't want to say too much until we had everything 100% confirmed, but it was holding up the Hit the Road news. While I said that we would be back with more news shortly if it all worked out, the first seed was already planted right there in that blog post.



No one seemed to have notice the extra tag on that blog post...

I posted a rather silly little status update on Facebook saying that I couldn't think up a hint because I was nursing a sore head. Or was it actually the hint after all?


After coming to terms with the guilt from everyone thinking i actually had a sore head, I took it to another level - photographic! Those that follow us on Instagram and Twitter would have seen the somewhat random pic of Grimm Demise that I posted next to my old Grimm's Fairy Tales book. It came complete with a devious poke at the TV show Grimm to help rile up a distraction (made funnier because I like the show as well! But no, the polish is most definitely named after the original tales.), and that proved to be enough to take the attention away from the completely unrelated books sitting underneath the polish.



What do we have there? A puzzle book? Looks like a book about naughty girls... And, of course, Night Shift by the legendary Stephen King. Have we caught on to the pattern here yet?


Well you'll be ashamed of where I took it next. What if I said I put it right in front of you across Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram?


Yep, right there on the launch date announcement, the Hit the Road collection grew by one, and our little secret was sitting right there almost in the centre!

 If you're still a little baffled, lets cut to the chase-

Naughty Night Shift Nurse will be hitting the store June 27th!!!

Naughty Night Shift Nurse was a special commissioned polish designed for Kristy of The Polish Haven for her birthday as a gift from her friends. It was a one of a kind, hand mixed bit of brilliance from Kaz, and our manufacturer even came to the party and helped us give it the little touches that all our regular polishes have.

You can read Kristy's blog post and swatches here!

The response to swatches was phenomenal, and the bottle shots we placed around places like Instagram are still getting likes and we are still receiving messages asking us to put it into production. We will both admit, we always wanted to do it as well. That's not our call to make though. This is Kristy's polish and it's entirely up to her.

This is the part where you now say many thank you's to Kristy!

It's not as easy as that though. That polish is essentially the very original prototype and we would need to send in a sample for matching with our manufacturer. The results were admirable, but they weren't Naughty Night Shift Nurse. The colour shift was only half of what it should be, and it was lacking a little of some other effects as well. This is a very dynamic polish, and it was only partially functional. To make matters worse, the flakies that it uses were being discontinued, so even if it all panned out, it would also be the very first polish in our entire line up to be officially discontinued outside of our control.

Obviously though, we didn't give up, we just shifted ideas.

The Naughty Night Shift Nurse that will be hitting our store in less than a week is actually half professionally manufactured and half hand mixed. We grabbed some of the last remaining flakies from our manufacturers and then sourced the effects ingredients ourselves. The end result (and what we were dying to confirm!) is that we have indeed perfectly replicated the original.

Unfortunately, as much as we are thrilled to finally share this polish with the rest of the world, it is still unfortunately in rather small numbers. How small? Around 100 bottles only. We may be able to create some more at a later date, but it will likely be a handful at best. She will very firmly be wearing the Limited Edition label, and if you're one of the many who have been dying to get your hands on a bottle, then next Thursday will be your best bet.

We'll come back with some more details during the coming week. We've had this in the works for months and we're extremely glad it is finally happening. We hope you're all as excited as we are!

How about I leave you with some of the original bottle shots?

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