Naughty Night Shift Nurse - Questions Answered

Posted on June 23, 2013 by Ben Harris


Isn't that a glorious sight?

We've already received a huge amount of questions and general concerns over the Naughty Night Shift Nurse release, so we thought we'd better simmer you all down a little with an FAQ.

1. What time exactly are we launching?

We'll be launching Hit the Road at 8:30am AEST, and Naughty Night Shift Nurse at 9am AEST. I'll explain why in the next question. Below is a link to a timezone convertor for each launch so you have an easy reference.

Hit the Road Launch Timezone Convertor

Naughty Night Shift Nurse Timezone Convertor


2. Will there be a problem with cart jacking?

We have never had that problem with our store previously, so we would presume not. The items in your cart will be held for you for 5 minutes when you Checkout so that you have plenty of time to traverse the payment gateway. Putting an item in your cart doesn't guarantee that it is yours until you hit that checkout button.

With this in mind, we've decided to launch Hit the Road half an hour early so you can build a cart prior to the mad rush for NNSN, if there are other polishes you were hoping to get at the same time.


3. Will there be a limit to how many I can buy?

Yes! We're imposing a two bottle limit per person. While our store doesn't actually allow us to enforce that at checkout, we will enforce it ourselves after the fact. There is very limited numbers of this polish and we want to be fair to everyone. We've already had several requests from people wanting to do group buys, and those alone would wipe out half the stock. We appreciate the massive interest, but the playing field must be even.


4. Can I use my Daphne's Birthday Party discount code?

You earned it fair and square! That's what they're for!


5. What about these possible future handfuls of bottles that may be released?

We aren't saying that it isn't a chance we might have some more bottles in the near future, but don't bet on it either. We're seeing how much more we can actually get of the discontinued stock from our manufacturers, but we're quite sure that this is the majority of it.

If we do manage to get some more, we'll release them at different times to usual to share it around the timezones a bit. Once again though, no promises! We'll do what we can!


6. Does the limited numbers of bottles in any way affect shipping?

No. We will assess the numbers we need to send over to the US by the morning sales and have the necessary bottles on their way with the couriers by the afternoon. It will take a couple of extra business days for your order to ship to you from there, but it is still far quicker and cheaper than us sending direct.

Other than that, it's business as usual.


If you have any further questions you would like answered, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll add them to the list.

Little bit of trivia to finish this off - We did actually try to create a blue variant of this polish to partner it up with, but those flakies sold out in the process so we left it behind. It's name? Dirty Day Shift Doctor. Maybe one day we can revisit that one.

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