Pretty Serious Nails - The Prelude

Posted on August 06, 2013 by Ben Harris

We're starting up another competition at the end of the week, and I thought it might be a good idea to get you all prepared for what's about to come. Don't take this as the gospel just yet, we're still locking down the finer details, but that doesn't need to stop you guys from getting a head start.

So what's at stake? Well, I had the bright idea last year to hang on to bottle number 300 of Emma Louise for a future date. Seemed like a good prize way off into the future sometime, right? With Kaz announcing a new limited run of unnumbered Emma Louise sometime in the very near future though, it seemed like this was the appropriate time to get this last of the originals out the door.

Another thing we have always wanted to do at some point is a nail art comp. One of our most treasured moments since we started this little company of ours was when Louise from conjured up this for us.

You might say we already fell into a nail art comp accidentally with the Daphne's Birthday Party comp, but that was just above and beyond by everyone involved. It was also extremely glittery! Let's clear the field a bit more this time and do it properly! Let's also try and level out the playing field a tad for those not as naturally gifted as the lovely Louise.

Nail art is essentially what we are after here. Can you produce some Pretty Serious artwork on your nails like Louise? Go for it! Don't have the skills? Then all we ask is you produce something quite spiffy with our polishes to showcase them. Maybe even just some awesome stamping or the worlds greatest straight up swatch, it's all good to get you in. It's all about the Pretty Serious love.

This is where it opens up a bit. We'll be opening an official Facebook photo voting contest where you can enter your swatches/art, and it is then up to you, the people, to vote on the ones you like. Is campaigning more your strong point? This is your chance to compensate for the art skills. ;) We will also be throwing in 5 extra votes for everyone you convince to become an entrant. The whole thing will run for two weeks to give people plenty of time.

That is a lot of effort for one bottle of polish though, isn't it? Don't mind that, we've got it covered! How about we through in some friends?

Not quite sure what you're looking at?

Yep, I swiped Kaz's bottle of Naughty Night Shift Nurse (it's ok, she can make another one), a left over Golden Ticket, and of course, the number 300 on the bottom of Emma Louise. Three of the hottest properties on the Pretty Serious catalog, all for one person.

Consider this a dynamic prize though. If support is big enough then we will most definitely throw in a second and third prize on the fly, and maybe even boost up this one a little to raise the stakes even higher, but as it stands, this is what you're playing for.

We'll iron out the creases as the week goes on, but hopefully this ends up being as much fun as the Birthday comp!

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