Till Death Do Us Party!

Posted on September 08, 2013 by Ben Harris


By now you would have already seen the contents of our special Halloween collection, "Till Death Do Us Party!", around the various social media's, and the question we keep getting is "WHEN? WHEN? WHEN?". Well, the simple answer to that has likely already caught your attention up there in the banner, but there is so much more to tell!

Though we try to not crossover business with personal where we can help it, we need to let that barrier down a little right here. On September 28th, myself and Kaz will be getting married. We had the idea of creating special favours for the ladies at our wedding in the form of a specially created polish, one that Kaz would make to wear herself on the day. That was the initial thought, but then other ideas came into play. It's so close to Halloween! Our wedding is hardly of the flowery variety... Can we really make this special polish and not officially add it to our range? How can you have a Bloody Bride without a Gruesome Groom? I think this needs a top coat, lets make a "diamond" top coat! That's not a top coat, what happened to the top coat? Damn it's nice, let's use this instead! We really need a top coat...

The end result of all that is the "Till Death Do Us Party!" collection. Firstly, the polishes themselves-

Bloody Bride, Black Diamond, Crystal Coat and Gruesome Groom

Bloody Bride, Gruesome Groom and Black Diamond will all be available singularly, as per usual, but the Crystal Coat will only be available in our special 4-Pack for now.

4-Pack??? Yes, Leigh has designed us some rather spiffy new boxes especially for this collection to help make the little wedding gifts complete. Unfortunately, they're still in the manufacturing process so we'll have to show you those a little later.

There will be two versions of the 4-Pack available. We wanted to make the ones being given to our wedding guests that little bit extra special, so the "Wedding Edition" packs will have special red metallic labeling to commemorate the big day. We are going to have leftovers though, so they will be put up on the store for the avid collectors who are interested.

So September 23rd will see these guys hit our store, with the idea that we are obviously going to be extremely busy around that time. We would also like our wedding to be their first official appearance. With that in mind, we can start packing the orders during the week and have as many as we can in the post on the Friday before, and we can send any remaining orders a few days a week after. That should give us time to get everyone's polishes out there before we take a bit over a week off to go on a little trip.

For those wondering about the Crystal Coat (it's a quick drying top coat if you're wondering), it will be available on it's own a little later along with some other additions to the range. 

But is three polishes and a top coat good enough for Halloween? No way! Wait until you see what else we have!

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