Killer Fangirls

Posted on September 13, 2013 by Ben Harris

Our second Halloween collection practically came together of it's own accord. We've wanted to create some horror movie tribute polishes for a long time, since we are more than just casual fans of the genre. Our awesome artist, Leigh is a big fan herself, as you can probably tell from her website Leigh Young Illustration. (Can you spot the polish girl who lost the battle with Daphne to be our mascot?)

Leigh designing us some more pin-ups for this collection would seem a little silly, since she already has her own Killer Fangirls collection that she sells as art cards at any expo or show you might find her at. It all just makes sense that we join forces, doesn't it?

Leigh has not only printed us up a heap of special Pretty Serious Killer Fangirl art cards, she has also signed every single one. Yep, all of them, hundreds and hundreds. Each of our three Killer Fangirl polishes will come with it's corresponding art card until they all run out. How's that for a bonus?

Elm Street, Crystal Lake and Haddonfield are available on the same day as the Till Death Do Us Party! collection - September 23rd.

Stupidly huge thank you to Leigh yet again! Hopefully that magic drawing hand didn't get worn out signing all those autographs!

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