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Posted on September 14, 2013 by Ben Harris


A little bit later than promised, but yes, they're back!

Tomorrow morning, Naughty Night Shift Nurse and Emma Louise will be hitting the store for the very last time. We have somewhere around 120 bottles of the nurse hitting the store this time around, and as we promised, we have ordered in 100 more bottles of Emma Louise for those that weren't around for the first time. These bottles are un-numbered though, unlike the originals.

To help try and combat some of the issues of the last NNSN release, we've done a few things.

Firstly, yes, this is very short notice. Those that actively follow us will no doubt get the message and hopefully it gives the scalpers a little less time to get word and prepare themselves. Some of them anyway.

Secondly, we're launching them on a Sunday so that's a weekend everywhere. No more long emails for us about how we totally ruined your work day.

Thirdly, it's a one bottle limit this time. Clearly our two bottle limit, as tight as we thought that was, was abused and so we're cutting it down to one each. This won't be enforced at checkout, but we will enforce it after the fact.

And lastly, there is a small amount of stock heading out to two of our stockists - Llarowe and Sally Magpies. They are small amounts, we're talking 20 for Llarowe and even less for Sally Magpies, but they will help give you a couple of other opportunities very soon in both the UK and US timezones.

Obviously, our store is still the same as before and will function the same as before. I think I've spent enough time detailing how it works in previous blog posts and I implore you to read them again before you complain about how you were cart jacked eleventy million times in 10 minutes. Hopefully the frenzy will be a little calmer this time around and the stock will last at least a minute. We can only hope.

Good luck!

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